Friday, April 29, 2016

Smoke and Dogs!!

It was a perfect day for a barbecue at the fairgrounds.  I arrived early at the Lodge and packed up my truck with most of the lunches before anyone even arrived.  The rest of the required utensils and supplies were NOT my job!  I try as much as possible to maintain my status of Indian in the face of six Chiefs.  If there's one thing I've discovered however, Indians wearing cowboy boots end up wearing different hats!

When the discussion began about when to start the BBQ, I immediately became invisible, disappearing into the kitchen.  They quickly discovered we didn't have enough pans for the dogs, no ice chests to keep the dogs warm, no foil .... well you can imagine there was a long list.

Two trips later, we're organized to a T.  The smoke started rolling out of the barbecue and the dogs rolled off the grill ..... cold in the middle.  I smiled ... but not where anyone could see me.  Ten minutes later we had HOT dogs and the assembly line was on!!
Our handicapped (foot surgery) leader sat on his scooter on the end and opened the buns, while I filled them with delicious smoky all-beef dogs.  Four people at the other end wrapped them in paper and placed them in the ice chests to keep warm.  

Ten minutes later, kids started coming from all directions.  With four lines, it took no time at all to hand out a bag, a hot dog and drinks.  By 1:00 we were all packed up and heading back to the lodge.  I have to say one thing about this crew .... it's the same guys that do EVERYTHING at every event and we have a GREAT time doing it!!  There's so much laughter and kidding around, it makes the work part really fun!!
When I got home, I made up another list of everything required for THIS event.  Pretty soon, they'll so efficient they won't know what to do!!

I spent the rest of the afternoon hand stitching the binding on this lap quilt.  It's the weirdest thing ... none of the pictures I took actually show the true colors, even though I spent quite some time in photoshop.  
Jessie loved it ... two seconds after I laid it on the couch, she was on top of it!  
I feel like I'm running out of gas, but there's a quilt show in Fresno that two of my old friends (new quilters) want to attend today, so we're making the trip in my truck ... more room to bring back material.  I have every intention of leaving my credit cards home, but I do need a couple of things .... maybe I'll just take ONE card!!


  1. Sometimes it takes a Indian to show the Chief the way.

  2. Sometimes it takes a Indian to show the Chief the way.

  3. This reminded me of NIck's & Terry's rallies. On pizza night Dominoes would deliver a ton of pizzas and Terry's crew would have hundreds of people served in mere minutes. That lady had a SYSTEM!

    1. I remember that!!! I think it only takes once to figure out a better way, but these guys had this one right!!