Thursday, April 7, 2016

I Need A Snooze Button ....

On my DOG!!!  Please  .....  just thirty more minutes!!  It wasn't to be however as I received my morning massage when he jumped up and down on my back.  Once I open the door and he finds his ball, he will play by himself for ten minutes or so, but by then I'm awake and UP!!

As we all walked out the back door together, this scene greeted us.  What a beautiful morning with temperatures in the 60's.  Maybe Cooper knew what he was doing when he made me get up in time to watch the sunrise unfold.
A few minutes later out the front door, serenaded by four roosters trying to outdo each other, the colors had changed completely.  As the roosters crowed, there was a new voice in the mix.  It sounded like the cry of a child, but it was a peacock.  With a couple of dogs thrown in, it was a real morning rock band concert!!
While I was outside, I noticed how badly I needed to trim the bushes and clean up the horse shed, so with everyone fed, I went to work.  A lot of old horse stuff, like plastic tubs and blankets had disintegrated to pieces in the sun, along with several haystack covers.  

By the time I got done stuffing everything in the trash can, it was all of 8:15, so I drug out the weed sprayer, mixed up a batch of Roundup and hit the fence line ..... twice!!  I spent the next hour trying to get all the foxtails out of my shoes, socks and levis.  I'll work on it again today, hoping to make a bigger dent.

I finally choked down the last of the chicken for lunch, and in spite of my perpetual diet, decided I wanted to cook something that would actually turn out good ... comfort food with a capital C ... macaroni and cheese!!!  This has to be my all-time favorite!!

I think this was the first thing I ever learned to cook.  The recipe hasn't changed since I was about eight years old, except no one knew what Panko was back then.  Honestly, I was so starved for real home cooking that I could have eaten the whole thing in one sitting!!  The devil on my shoulder said forget that stupid diet and I settled for almost a quarter of it.  Boy was it GOOD!!  It was really hard to put my fork down!!
Having ingested so many calories, I'm headed out to the back yard again to work some of it off.  I've got pallets to move and tree limbs to cut.  Anyone want to come help?  I'll provide the beer and Mac 'n Cheese!!!


  1. Looks like Cooper has you trained real well. When do you head out in the RV? Jim M

    1. Yes he does Jim .... yes he does!! Heading out in late May to Idaho for a look see.