Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Where Has All The Night Gone??

It's summertime, I can tell.  It's still light when I go to bed and light WAY too early in the morning.  I'm still trying to catch up on some sleep, and it's not working for me at all.

I worked ELKS Bingo last night and finally hit the hay around 11:30.  At 5:00 am, light comes streaming through four big windows above my bed.  Who designed this crazy setup??  Today they will be draped with the ever popular silver "aluminum" drapes in an attempt to at least make it to 6:30.

Miss Jessie is doing MUCH better.  Once I got the stitches out, you could hardly tell she was in a wreck.  Me thinks she is just accident prone ... I've never had a dog that needed so much repair work done ... including her broken foot!!
In between making list after list, trying not to forget anything, I've been working on this Hawaiian quilted pillow.  I think I've stuck myself with the needle at least 500 times.  It's amazing how resilient skin is.  I even sewed my finger to the back twice, requiring delicate surgery to cut me loose!!  When done, the entire square will be quilted.  Believe me, this was something that was NEVER on my radar to learn ... but it's addictive to be sure ...
I'm still working on this next Rally ... we need a White Elephant gift, lots of appetizers, a potluck item, a roll of nickels, several AMTRAK reservations as well as RV park reservations (whew), which I lost in the great email migration to Outlook.  I didn't like Outlook 8 years ago when the County migrated there ... and I don't like it now.  In all that time, it has made no improvements, including the loss of saved emails!!!

I need a nap ....... yawn!!!

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