Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another Day In Paradise With Friends!!

Every morning my friends come by for a visit and we discuss the plans for the day.  This beautiful Northern Cardinal stopped in for some breakfast yesterday, as did his sparrow and mynah bird friends.  Miss Chicky must have had other plans because she didn't show up today.
Early morning is the time to get a little sun around the pool.  No screaming children!!  I've never seen the likes of my neighbors two kids who scream at the top of their lungs constantly, even while having dinner!!!  
I visited Germaine again and picked up another Hawaiian quilt pillow to sew, along with many more tips and photos to get started with the actual quilting.
The hole in my finger from the tiny needle is now large enough to require a bandaid.  I tried the thimble thing, but it doesn't work for me.  By the way, yes these stitchers do get a few drops of blood on their work.  The old Hawaiian trick is to spit on it and wipe clean with a cloth ... it will come out.  Hmmmmmm I think I'll pass on that table runner I was looking at.  But really, Germaine swears by it!!  So next time you get a drop on your shirt ....
There are no yarn shops here (lucky for my checkbook) but while checking out the local quilt shop, I did find a few skeins of Maui Yarns, hand dyed here on the island.
By now, I have WAY too much stuff to fit in my luggage for the return trip.  Actually I probably could stuff everything in, but it would be so heavy I'd have to pay someone to carry it to the airport.  Instead, you can pick up these boxes at the Post Office, stuff  them as full as you possibly can, and send them off for $12.00 each.
Time to check out some of my old dive sites on the southern end of the island.  If you don't want to pay the dive shops $125 to go out on a boat, you can shore dive in a couple of really nice places.  The only requirement is that you pull a float around with you so boats know you are underwater.  More feathered friends were racing around the golf course, chasing after a huge riding lawnmower, scarfing up all the bugs they could hold.
This is looking back at the Makena Resort and beach area.  Pretty swanky, never crowded and a beautiful place to stay, it's right next to Clint Eastwood's house ... or at least he used to own it.  No, I never saw him while staying there one year, but his house was spectacular!!! 
Here's one of the diving entry points.  Of course it's all lava rock ... this island is a volcano ... so be careful walking and DON'T wear sandals or flip flops when hiking.  Tennis shoes are a must here!!
I'm off to swim with the turtles again ... if I can find them that is!!  The sun's out and it's another gorgeous day!!


  1. I need to say something here; Nancy Kissack knows how to enjoy life and have fun while she's doing it. Keep the pictures coming, they're beautiful and I'm sure it's not due to the expensive camera, it's the photographer. Joe Green

    1. Thank you Joe!!! I appreciate the compliment ... and will definitely keep posting the pictures. You only go around once, so you might as well enjoy the trip!!!