Friday, April 11, 2014

The LAWFUL Hawaiian Government!!

Yesterday was an interesting mix of donuts, glass art and surf city!!  The story for this image doesn't come until the end ... but I just couldn't wait to show you what the beaches and weather look like here!!  Not the safest part of the island (I had a death grip on my camera) but one of the most beautiful!!!
When the Komoda Store Bakery was closed Wednesday, Cyndae's renter opted to deliver breakfast first thing on his way to work!!  OH YEAH!!!!  Fresh made warm donuts on a stick and pudding filled cream puffs of yumminess!!!  We sat by the pool for a couple of hours devouring our prize and relaxing in the sun!!
Hard to believe this is a flower, but these beautiful protea blooms cover the bushes here, some as big as trees.  You can order these on the internet and have them shipped to you, where they will last for a month or more.  Dried, they last for years!!
At 11:00 am we went to the Maui Bead Shop for some wire wrapping lessons.  Neither of us had done this type of crafty thing before, but with a box full of gemstones from Quartszite, I wanted to learn how to make them into jewelry.  Located just behind the Shell Station, Leo Norrie was a sweetheart of a lady, happy to pass on her knowledge (and her handmade glass beads).  Here's all the tools you need to make a simple bracelet.  We were pretty uncoordinated in the beginning, but soon caught on to wire wrapping 101.
Here's my finished basic bracelet.  Not the prettiest thing I've ever seen for sure!!  But the sky's the limit now ... with the right beads and findings, I can make anything!!
When we mentioned that we REALLY wanted to know how to wire wrap stones, she was happy to provide us with a piece of beach glass, wire and a quick how-to demonstration.  This is my "second" masterpiece!!!  Time to pick out some of her gorgeous glass beads, made in her garage.  An hour later I had about $500 worth!!!  YIKES!!!  I left with 8 beads and some findings under $40 ... and a couple pair of pliers!!
Lunch has been at the Kinaole Grill food truck, parked around the corner from the condo on Alanui Ke'alii Drive.  All I can say is AMAZING food!!  You would never believe that this kind of food comes from a food truck.  Their coconut shrimp is the bomb ... 6 huge shrimp, sticky rice, macaroni salad (both staples here) and salad greens for $14 on a huge plate, plenty to feed two.  

We heard the turtles come ashore at night in Ho'okipa on the northeast side.  It's a catch twenty-two for me ... I want to take my camera for pictures, but this is NOT a place you want to be at night, unless you have a couple big guys for body guards.  This is the biggest and best surfing spot around, and I'm sure most of the locals are great guys.  There are always a few who ruin it though, and they tend to hang out here on the beach.  As we drove in we noticed (couldn't miss actually) this huge sign that the natives are restless!!  Not that the police show up here often (they don't), but they put up gates and they DO close this park at 7:00 pm trying to keep the illegal activity to a minimum.  Wouldn't you know, THIS is where the turtles like to spend the night on the beach too!!
At 6:45 we were lucky enough to find a parking space, but couldn't find the turtles.  Since many were still surfing, basically in the dark, we asked where the landing spot was ... which of course was at the opposite end.  Not really wanting to lose my camera OR get locked in all night, I took a couple quick shots of two guys coming out of the water.  It's actually much darker than this Nikon image shows, which is one reason I love this camera!!!
Snorkeling is again on the schedule this morning ... we shall see what happens!!

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