Monday, April 28, 2014

Guess I Didn't Need That Part Anyway!!

Apparently I'm allergic to Hawaiian spiders or whatever it was.  Funny, I never even SAW any, nor did I see much in the way of bugs, but all those lizards and geckos must be eating something!!  Two years ago I got bit by something out in the jungle while hiking through the bamboo forest.  A month later, I was at the Doctor's Office because I still had a big lump on my neck.  THIS time was much worse.  I woke up with an earlobe the size of a large marble ...VERY sore.  Cyndae said to put toothpaste on it, for lack of anything else, because of it's drying benefits.  I would have tried Windex (My Big Fat Greek Wedding ... windex fixes everything) but couldn't find any in the condo.

I didn't think much about it again until coming back from snorkeling when I ripped my dive shirt off over my head.  OOOWWWWWW!!!  And a big chunk of my ear fell off.  Sorry, no pictures here!!!   What the heck?????   Sure enough, I'm apparently allergic to these little buggers ... not that I needed that piece of ear anyway, but I wasn't too happy about body parts falling off!!!

As I scrounged through all my junk ... I mean makeup, aspirin, advil ... I actually found the little tube of medicine the doctor gave me last time.  I guess in a moment of clarity, I threw it in just in case.  Several days of doctoring and my ear felt much better ... just smaller!!!  I guess I really don't need that part anyway.  I'm hoping it chooses to grow back at some point!!  In the meantime, I'm getting another tube of this magic elixir!!

Today is the last day of packing.  I'm going to hook up the Jeep this afternoon so I don't have any disasters like last time ... when I pulled all the wires out of the plug.  At least I'll have time to fix it!!  Some last minute chores like spraying the house for bugs and the yard for weeds should do it.  The house sitter should have no problems to take care of.  Tomorrow morning is BLAST OFF!!!

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