Tuesday, April 29, 2014

UH OH !!!!!

Two small words in the English language that I HATE to hear myself utter.  I moved the rig out this morning in order to back the Jeep in for hookup.  I'm all ready to head out ... except my rig sure is dirty!!  All my RV'ing friends keep their rigs immaculate ... washed and waxed ... making me feel guilty.  It's a long hard job that is on the bottom of ONE of my many lists ... which means I'm usually too busy to go there.  However ... with this rally coming up in two short days, I better at least wipe it down.  The last time I was on top of this ladder was when I returned from Quartzsite.
When I got around to the biggest driver's side slide, I heard myself say UH OH.    OH NO!!!!!  The slide cover is pulling away from the side of the rig.  This is definitely NOT good.   The pink color is just the reflection of my phone cover.  The screw holding this up is kind of crooked, maybe it just wasn't screwed in straight and tight.  Right here and now, I have to say it I did NOT ... NOT ... hit anything, including tree branches.  Trust me, if you pay THIS much for one of these things, you make DARN sure you don't hit anything.  And there is nothing around at this height for me to hit anyway.  That's funny ... maybe it's just pulling loose.  I'll have it checked out.
Then I went to the OTHER end of that slide cover.  OMG!!!  OMG!!!  Maybe something really DID hit this end because it's not only pulling away, the metal is actually twisted.  I just can't imagine them installing a track bent like this.  It wasn't like this the last time I washed it upon return from Quartzsite.  Funny thing is, I see no other damage.  How could you hit this and not mess up the paint??  I'm furious.  The only thing I can think is when I took it to Fresno to have those guys fix my dryer.  They are the ONLY ones who have driven it besides me (since Quartzsite) and they moved the slides out to have room to fix the dryer.  

This is going to be a major repair ... which may or may NOT be covered by my extended warranty.  I grabbed the keys and went outside to check out the slide, moving it out and in ... it worked.  The worst part is there really isn't anyone I TRUST to repair it.  Maybe Barbara and Tom's repairman that fixed their rig after a tire blowout.  Except I leave this morning at 8:00 on the next adventure.  BIG SIGH!!!!!   Here's hoping it lasts through this long trip.
My blood pressure is up about 50 points ... and now I'm worried it will rip off as I cruise down the highway.   Take a chill pill Nancy ... just RELAX!!!!  I'll have Dan and Tom check it for me.

On a good note, I finished quilting this pillow cover, not that I feel like making the pillow now ... but maybe when I return!!
So I'm off on the next big adventure ... heading to a Golden Spike Rally in Fullerton, California ... from there it's on to Kansas City and the East Coast!!   If you are in the area, stop on by and say hello!!!

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