Monday, April 14, 2014

Vacation Day From Vacation !!

Even when on vacation, you need a day off from running around trying to see everything at once!!  Yesterday was it for me.  The best time for getting some sun is early in the morning when it isn't too hot and the kids are still indoors, so I laid out for a couple of hours.  By noon, the pool was full of screaming children which lasted until about 5:00 pm.  I'm staying in my favorite unit, unfortunately right next to the pool.  Good because there are windows all along one side to let the breeze in when it's hot, BAD because of all the screaming kids!!  I finally turned the TV volumn up to it's highest setting in order to hear!!!
This is the living room area where I spent the afternoon working on the Hawaiian quilt project.  The ocean is about 200 feet out that door!!  Although an older group of condos, remodeling is currently under way, replacing the bathrooms and kitchens with new cabinets, sinks, showers and countertops.  The only down side to these units is the lack of air conditioning, which isn't a problem at all this year.  It's been in the 60's at night and not hot enough to need the fans during the day.
When Germaine said this project would go fast, I didn't agree.  Good thing I didn't bet with her because I would have lost!!!  By late afternoon the appliqué was stitched in place, ready for quilting.  Today I will hit the store to pick up quilting thread, batting and all the supplies to make this into a pillow for my RV.  Hmmmmm maybe it's time to also hit the Post Office for a mailing box.  I think my suitcase isn't going to have enough room for all my goodies!!


  1. The screaming kids are there to keep you from burning. If those lovely sweet little children weren't there raising their little voices you might lay out in the sun too long. lol. I have to turn up the volume on my TV and there aren't any screaming kids. Joe Green

    1. Well the kids plan worked ... I didn't last ten minutes by the pool!!!