Thursday, April 24, 2014

ZZZzzzzzzz !!

Finally ... a full night's sleep!!!  Between the shiny silver drapes and an Advil PM,  I "think" I slept through the night.  First time in about 3 months!!!  I'm hoping it will help my "patience" factor!!

Yesterday was another one of those days.  I spent 2-1/2 hours on the phone with United Health Care, trying to find SOMEONE ... just ONE ... who knew what I was talking about ... my benefit reimbursement.    The first four calls resulted in being passed on down the line, with not one single person having any idea AT ALL, what I was calling about.  The last one gave me another phone number, which I carefully repeated back to her.  You're not going to believe this ... I got Doug .............. wait for it .............................. from Rug Doctor!!!  Seriously???  Heck, I asked him if he knew what I was talking about, you never know, but alas, he had no idea either.

Needless to say, I'm pretty angry now.  I'm sure they could feel my hands around their neck during the next couple of calls.  Finally I got someone who knew about Group Benefits, but still no idea about reimbursement.  They suggested I call my County office.  No thanks, I already did that and they provided me with loads of incorrect information.  By the 7th call, I get a gal who says that is handled by another company and transfers me.  FINALLY!!!  Call number 8 provided me with a reasonably intelligent sounding individual who had the answer to my question ... how do I get my $100 reimbursement (paid for me by Merced County)???

Here's how this convoluted stuff works.  I pay UHC $130.72 on the first of the month.  Merced County pays UHC $100 about a week later, at which time they will process a refund to me via direct deposit. What an accounting nightmare.  Why don't I just pay $30.72 and they keep the $100?   I guess they just want to make everything difficult.  Out of curiosity, I asked the name of his company (since the nice lady told me they were separate from UHC) ... "why I work for United Health Care".  I just started laughing ... and suggested his office contact the rest of his company and advise them of who he is and how the process works ... PLEASE ... for the sanity of us having to work with you!!!

Once my blood pressure subsided, I spent the afternoon baking, getting ready for the next adventure.  First on the list is a Golden Spike Rally in Fullerton California ... eeeeeeeeek ... LA driving for the first time, a nail-biter at best!!!  This banana bread (with mini chocolate chips) will go in the freezer to be consumed as dessert along the way.
Recently, instead of Lean Cuisines full of preservatives, I'm trying to clean up my act by eating more food I prepare myself.  Three mini meatloaves (also for the freezer) will keep me in sandwiches for a couple weeks!!
I've made umpteen trips to the RV, packing clothes, food, water, dog food and everything else I can think of.  Then I made three trips back out to retrieve the oil, chocolate chips and Advil PM I shouldn't have packed yet!!!  Today will be a running-around-go-to-the-bank-so-I'm-prepared kind of day.  Blast off will occur in the next week!!!


  1. A couple of tips... for the cheaper stuff like Advil and oil... buy 2 of everything. It saves stress and your knees climbing in and out of the rig. Next and most important; there are stores everywhere. If you forgot it, outgrew it or lost it, you can hit a Walmart. They have it all. Except your meds; make sure you have them. ;)

    1. Aha ... much better idea than running back and forth!!! One more trip to the grocery store should do it for me!!! I'm getting excited ... except for that driving to LA part!!!