Wednesday, April 3, 2019

A Nice Welcome Home

It's a slow start this morning.  I'm trying to get my engine to turn over, but it's cold and the old crank shaft just doesn't want to turn.  Maybe if I contemplate my coffee long enough, I'll get moving.
I bet you forgot all about the Magic Kingdom!!  I started getting phone calls three weeks ago about when I would be back.  Then came the frantic message ..... NO ONE WILL BE HERE!  With my mind racing with all the things I have to get done in the next couple of days, I jumped in the truck and headed out to the land of the King and the Peasants.

Lucky for me, the truck started right up.  That's because I had a little forethought .. I put in a new battery and changed the oil before I left it parked in the garage.  Interestingly enough, the repair shop sent me a text message yesterday saying I was due for another oil change.  Wait ... I've driven it 6 miles since the last one!!
With most everything unloaded, I made a run to the post office.  I should have taken a MUCH larger box for the mail.  I now see why the U. S. Post Office is still in business.  I spent a total of three hours digging though all the trash ads and advertising crapola to find my 20 simple pieces of REAL mail.  What a terrible waste of paper.

That added to my stress as I discovered even MORE things that need to be taken care of.  That will wait however, as I contacted Dish Network again for a repairman.  I called the nice man to find out they don't DO repairs, or anything with Dish any more.  I tried to get them to come fix it anyway, but they declined.  Back to the drawing board.

In the meantime, I got a very nice welcome home at the Magic Kingdom.  Hugs all around, and I even had a glass of wine before facing the peasants.  In true form, the mini infernal machine went on strike right off the bat.

The night went fairly well otherwise, with most of the peasants being in a good mood.  I think it was because they lost several players ..... well actually they passed away ..... making their chances a little better.  I kid you not, it's all about the competition for the big bucks.

We did seem to be short a person or two.  Apparently someone got carried away and took a $3 cheeseburger home, after volunteering there for 14 years.  Seriously?  I've seen a lot more than that disappear from the kitchen.

In other Magic Kingdom news, for 48 months in a row, the Post Office has not delivered the newsletter to me.  I went to the powers that be and asked why for the hundredth time.  Apparently I now have to take on the Post Office ..... AGAIN.  Not that they care, since they are only worried about sending me all that junk mail.

The night ended peacefully, mostly because I was half asleep, it being WAY past my bedtime.  The infernal machine was nice to me and we balanced to a tee, even if it was an hour later than normal.

Meanwhile, once I've had another cup or two of joe, I'll get on my ghost town story I've been keeping in the background for a time when I had nothing to say .... or at least nothing to complain about.  I should have it ready by tomorrow.


  1. I was wondering how long before you git back to the Magic Kingdom. Right back at is again. Looks like you are right back in the groove again.

    1. I have to admit it was a lot of fun. Maybe I just need to be gone longer to enjoy it!

  2. Nancy, you might want to think about ordering a Battery Tender Plus from Amazon, about $40. It will keep your truck batteries charged, won't over charge them, and it will help keep you battery healthy. "IF" you have two batteries in your truck as some come with, one Battery Tender Plus will keep both charged, just hook it up to one of the batteries.

    1. I'll look into it Dave. I tried finding the battery disconnect switch, but there were so many models, I gave up. Sounds like the battery tender plus might be a better idea. Thank you!!!!

  3. Those Six Month Oil Changes are a farce only meant to drum up business. Go according to your mileage and you won't have a problem.
    The Joys of the Magic Kingdom. Knew you were a Gluten for Punishment.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your second cup.

    It's about time.

    1. So how many miles do you go before an oil change, Rick? I've always heard it's 3,000, but since I don't drive on dusty dirty roads, I figured I could go farther. This time it wasn't even THREE months.