Saturday, September 29, 2018

PIE ... It's Good For Stress!!

I don't mean to brag, but it's a lovely 57 degrees here in Central California with a high today of 76.  Something is wrong to be sure.  Last October it was 90 degrees most every day.  Hmmm ... maybe that's why there are so many spiders!!  Just like McDonalds, I'm lovin' it!!!!

Yesterday ended up being cancelled.  It's funny how my mind just couldn't get past the situation.  I tried everything I could think of, including going through my four boxes of quilting material I brought back from Arizona.

This quilt of owls will be my first project.  This is the one with 364 tiny triangles to sew together.  Somehow I couldn't seem to get motivated on this either.
I did spend three hours looking up the phone numbers for Schwans in Riverside.  You know, the ones who always provide the ice cream for the Indio Rally?  I have seven phone numbers.  I only got one answer from Curt, who was manager six years ago.  I finally called corporate.

They are not allowed to give out the phone numbers of their distribution points.  After explaining my predicament and almost crying, the nice lady gave me the name of Max, along with his phone number.  Max quit TWO years ago.  

Finally, in total frustration, I contacted very nice Loretta at Costco.  She promised to check on what she could offer and get back to me.  Honestly, it will be MUCH cheaper, but the problem will be freezer space.  There is none.  Rent-A-Freezer does not exist in Indio.  I'm not panicking .... YET!!!  Why does this have to be so hard every year?  Why can't they just answer the phone???

As a diversion, I hit the local Mexican Market for some potatoes.  This persnickety dog has me baking potatoes for him.  Not that he's eating it ......... he has decided a diet of plain chicken is perfect.  He picks out the chicken and leaves everything else.  
With Jonathan dangerously low on bird biscuits, I whipped up my specialty, sunflower banana muffins.  I realize this doesn't look like muffins.  They ended up in the freezer just as I found another super simple no-bake pie recipe to try out before feeding it to real people.  

Key lime pie ... only there are no key limes.  That's not something you might find in a Mexican grocery store.  It turned out okay ... I mean, it's pie, so it HAS to be good, right?  Cream cheese, heavy cream, lime juice and sweetened condensed milk.  It will do in a pinch.
I'm feeling pretty drug out today, but the visitation is on.  I promised to make sure Mom was okay.  I think when I get back, I'll just crash on the couch.  Hopefully working at the Pumpkin Patch next week will put a little pop in my step.  That and PIE for every meal!!


  1. That will definitely be a beautiful Quilt.
    Even the Pie looks tasty.
    Good Luck finding a Contact Number for the Rally.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. What kind of company has a business plan that entails not giving out contact information for staff? How do they expect people to call up and volunteer to spend money?

    1. Isn't that crazy? They want you to go through their phone sales system I guess. No direct contact with the distributor.

  3. The ice cream dilemma sure is frustrating hope you can work something out.
    Key lime pie is one of our favourites, have not had it for a vey long time.

    1. It's almost too much stress for me to be in charge of the ice cream. Can you imagine having 2,000 people angry at you because there was none????

  4. Good luck making contact for the ice cream, that must be so frustrating! The pie looks good and I hope Cooper eats some of the potato. LOL our persnickety dogs!

    1. Every year the ice cream problem drives me nuts!!