Saturday, September 8, 2018

Kids ..... You've Got To Love Them

My kids are all the four-legged kind.  Having been raised on a ranch, there were always cattle dogs and kittens around our house.  A little dog food mixed with the dinner leftovers were all that was needed to keep them happy.  Oh -- and chasing cattle when we moved them from pasture to pasture ... their favorite game.  The cats were all mousers ... everyone had to earn their keep.  They all slept outside together on barley sacks we stashed in their favorite spot.

Nowadays however, my little fur kids are spoiled rotten.  Not quite made for the cattle business, these two rescues keep me company like no other.  If fact, they pretty much keep me tied to the house, or the RV as the case may be.

Just like REAL kids, aren't they just the cutest when they are sleeping??  Maybe they have one eye open keeping track of you as they snore loudly?  Ahhhhh so sweet!!
Ten seconds later, you find THIS on the floor.  How the heck did you do that in ten seconds without me seeing or hearing anything???  With just the tiniest of holes in Jessie's dog bed, Cooper can turn it into garbage worthy material in a flash.  You can tell he's giving me that WHO ME? look.  
So what do I do?  I go to the discount store and find Miss Jessie another bed ... a little beefier one this time ... which she sleeps in no matter if it's in the middle of the floor or smashed up against the wall.  
To reward Cooper for his bad behavior, I buy toys for them to play with.  For whatever reason, they both LOVE this squeaky pencil, and of course they each had to have their own.
I also discovered this new dog food after talking to the Manager at Petco.  It's called LID food.  Limited Ingredient Diet.  If it says chicken and sweet potato, then that's all it has, plus a few vitamins. Did I mention they have buffalo, venison, chicken, duck and beef?  

As long as it doesn't have sweet potato, Cooper has been eating it.  So far his stomach is back on track ... YAY!!  Hopefully, even though this is more expensive, it will cut down on the vet bills.
To reward MYSELF for cleaning up the mess Cooper made, I went to the Guadalajara Grill for some lobster enchiladas.  I heard they were amazing.  Too bad I got the wrong restaurant.  There was nothing even remotely like that on this menu.
I did like the festive interior ... wear your sunglasses ... and the Mexican hats made into lampshades.
Unfortunately, there wasn't much on the lunch menu besides tacos and burritos.  I opted for the $10 all-you-can-eat taco bar.  

I have to admit it's not really fun to go out to eat by yourself.  First, I always feel uncomfortable when they ask how many people and you answer just one.  No one wants a single in their serving area ... it's less tip money.  Secondly, with no one to talk to, I'm usually done eating in ten minutes or less.  

I hit the taco bar to see what they had.  Hard taco shells ... check!  Chicken and beef in so much liquid it will make mush out of the hard taco shells ... check!  Lots of goodies to pile on so you can try to get your $10 worth ... check!

They even had three different kinds of cheese and some pretty good guacamole to go with the hard taco chips and salsa.  Sorry to eat and run, but could I have the check please?
The drink I ordered .. lemonade ... cost almost as much as the taco bar.  Two tacos and a drink for $16.  I should have gone to the little local Mexican restaurant and got a huge burrito for half the price.  Lesson learned, but it will probably happen again the next time I go out for lunch.

In the meantime, I've taken on a new job ... kitty sitting.  But first I have to catch that RAT that's been visiting my front porch.  Yeah really ... a RAT!!  The war is ON!!


  1. Pets are like kids, they do keep you company and busy.
    Good luck catching that RAT !

  2. Here is what I always wanted to know,, when Fidos dog food ingredients say chicken beef liver pork buffalo bison and &&&
    I want to know who the brave ( or idiot ) soul is that Has to test it to make sure,,,
    Yep that's chicken Yep that's beef
    Sure and bacon dog biscuits right give me a damn break
    Does that mean if I have guests over I can give them Bacon dog biscuits and eggs for breakfast
    Hey that gives me an idea,, if I get a canna dog food and water Bring it to a simmer I got a great chicken/beef soup,,,, oh my God potluck covered dish 🥘 at theRV park😇🤡🤢. I can tell him it's a canna Denny Moore beef stew

    1. NOOO .... that would be MEAN!! No dog food at the RV park. Although I hear it's much cheaper than regular food!! LOL


  3. You know thinking about your smart watch from yesterday
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    Apple came out with the Apple Watch and 2014
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    1. Wouldn't that be cool? Not that I want to be the first to test it however.

  4. When I worked in the Library, and I went out to eat lunch by myself, I always took my various Library journals to catch up on my reading, slow down my eating, and fill up a spot for a good hour.

    1. Hey ... that's a good idea Dave. I've got several books on my phone I've been wanting to read. That would slow me down a lot. Thanks!!!!!

  5. What are your feelings about grilled bacon wrapped hot dogs topped with beans and other stuff on a soft roll? El Guero Canelo makes the best. The store on 12th avenue south is the original, but they don't have air conditioning. We've never tried anything else, just the dogs. He won a James Beard award for them. Hope you find the place with the lobster enchiladas - that would be worth trying.

    1. Oh my gosh Allison ... that sounds WONDERFUL!! I'll go check them out. It's cool enough now so no AC is not a problem.