Friday, September 16, 2016

The Rest Of The Crew .....

There are a lot more babies at the Bandon West Coast Game Park Safari besides the kitties, all of which are worth a visit.  This is Pepe ..... as in Le Pew.  He's not really a baby, but fun to play with.  Another nocturnal predator, Pepe walks about 12 inches and falls asleep so you can pet him without interference from those sharp little teeth and claws.   Give him a feel ... he's really soft!  And sleepy ... that's a yawn, nor a snarl.
Houdini is the disappearing act.  Not as calm as Todd, he really is a baby, it's just that fox (or is it foxes) grow up quickly.  As with any predator he's keeping a sharp eye on the chickens.
Now here's the sweetest face EVER ... meet Peaches.  She loves to cuddle and is as soft as a bunny.  Who knew??  Look at those fingers and claws!!  Opossums dig for grubs and creepy crawlies ... a good thing, so don't let your dogs hurt them!!
This Coati baby wasn't as friendly as you would expect.  As long as he had the bottle to distract him, you could pet his back.  Last year when Patty, Dan and I were in Thousand Trails in Newport, a young man came around asking if we had seen their pet coati.  Apparently he got away for a little mischief time.  Thank goodness he came home before they left.  Really folks, these are cute in the zoo, but NOT really good pets.
If you want a pet that won't run off, get a sheep.  There were four or five brand new babies ... like born yesterday babies ... trying to keep up with their moms.  
Not the friendliest in the park, Emus probably ARE one of the softest.  They do tend to peck and have a very hard beak ... so be careful.  I was just interested in the blue of his neck ... or HER neck.  
There are several fat little capybara's here.  These came from Central America where the big anacondas live.  YIKES!!
When you come in the gate, be sure to pick up a few ice cream cones full of feed.  The capybara was begging for some goodies, showing off his rodent teeth.   That's a pretty big rodent at 60 pounds!!
Of course I love the donkeys.  These two wander around looking for head scratches.  In case I forgot to mention, all of the goats, sheep, llamas and donkeys run around in the same space you do, so look down once in awhile and watch your step.
Donkeys doing what donkeys do ... scratching each other.  If you do happen to step in something, and trust me, you can't miss with this many sheep, you can clean your shoes and your hands at the washing station before you leave.
What a beauty!!  This guy wasn't so interested in being petted ... just GIVE ME FOOD!!  That grain is a lot more tasty than the hay they are fed.

These guys are my all-time favorite.  Miniature goats!!  Bend over to hand them a treat.  If you bend down to the ground, they will immediately jump up on your back.  One girl freaked out as her boyfriend just stood back and snapped pictures.  They absolutely LOVE to have their heads scratched too.
With my kitty time over, I headed back to the rig and hooked up the car.  This safety cable has been causing me fits.  It just fell off on the ground.  That's NOT a good thing.  It seems the latching piece got bent somehow.  Time for pliers and crescent wrenches.  

I straightened out the little piece, but it wouldn't stay up, therefore holding the hook from coming off. I finally took a good look at the other side .... DUH!!!  That little piece needs to be on the OTHER side of the hook tip.  More pliers and a little pushing before it slipped into place.  YAY!!!  I fixed another problem!!  This has been a worry for the last 300 miles ... I'm SO happy it's repaired!!
It was a very long foggy drive to Eureka, but I made it in time to find nine sites open at the Elks Lodge.  Time for a nice relaxing day chasing down antique shops.  

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