Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter Solstice .... YAWN!!!!

On the ranch, we always got up with the chickens at daylight and went to bed with the turkeys when it got dark.  You would think when Winter Solstice comes around that you would have a nice long winter night's sleep.   You would think ..............

This is the shortest day of the year according to the people who know these things.  Something about the alignment of the planets and Stonehenge, stocking up on meat so you don't feed them through the winter, as well as a time of making beer!  I'm pretty sure that makes a LOT of people happy!!

For me, these short days and long period of darkness make me crazy and add poundage to my already over-the-limit body.  When the boredom takes over as soon as the sun goes down, I'm scrounging through the fridge every 30 minutes looking for something to keep me occupied.  I've even been known to break that cookie in half, because I know I'll be back in an hour for the second piece!!

Sleeping longer has never occurred to my puppies.  Their alarm clocks are right on the money, as they jump up and down, covering me with doggie kisses .... yuck!!  In self defense, I get up and let them out, but you know how that goes ... once you're up you might as well just stay up!!
By the way, there will be a full moon on Christmas eve if you're looking for some cool pictures.  Maybe you will snap a shot with Santa and the reindeer in it!  You don't have to stay up all night, the best images are always just when the moon is visible above the horizon.

It rained most all day yesterday, even harder about the time I thought to sanitize the water tank on my rig.  You know how that goes, bleach and I don't get along too well and the hose is never big enough to hold it all.  I even attached an extra "empty" hose, but as soon as I got distracted and lowered my hand too far, out it came like a volcano!!  The good news is my concrete is squeaky clean!!

I got in a two mile really fast walk and came home soaking wet, before continuing to pack clothes and the all important coffee.  More work also needed to be done on Jonathan's house.  I sure hope I can find a smaller version somewhere down the road, because this one is a pain in the butt.  It's just so big, it takes up a LOT of room, not to mention the entire table!!  

The light is a heat lamp for warmth.  Tropical birds don't do cold well and Jon is no exception, especially with his health history, so this reptile heating element will keep him a little warmer.  All the blankets will help keep that warm in a little longer, as well as provide some security for him.  
One of the last things I did yesterday was to plant the .... ummm ..... PLANT  I received from my bookkeeping client.  Gosh .... the name escapes me again!!  Anyway, it's in the ground and sort of protected from the frost.  If it lives, it lives.  I've already got too many plants to haul around with me.
I discovered I require more reorganizing in the rig to fit in the extra bird food and box of stuff required for the ice cream social in Indio.  I'm determined to take out everything I don't use, then I'll pray I don't need it at some point along the way!!  I've been carrying that ladder around for four years and I think it's only been out once!  

I hope everyone is enjoying time with their families this holiday week.  Remember the reason for the season!!

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