Friday, December 4, 2015


The chickens are getting restless.  As soon as I sat down at my computer yesterday, I heard the roosters crowing like crazy.  I stepped out the door to see what was up (chickens are really good watch dogs) and was greeted by this beautiful sight.  It looked like the world was on fire.  
Within three minutes as I stood on the porch, it changed to this.  I was pretty much surrounded by beautiful skies and clouds from the forecasted rain.   
What a great way to start the day I was going to spend with this cutie, almost-three-year-old Braden, grandson of my neighbor (not really, but close) and bestie, Diane.  Since retiring, she gets to babysit four or five days a week.  This kid ... what a crackup!!  They are always so smart at this age .... asking a million questions and soaking up everything like a sponge.  We definitely had to watch what we said!!
The destination was Hilmar Cheese.  I had heard a lot about their great lunch counter, good food and Christmas packages which they can ship around the world.  My plan was to purchase several and get them in the mail.  Best laid plans and all that .... we were having too much fun with Braden!
He immediately glommed on to a small stuffed cow and asked very politely if it was his, or the other guys.  It's yours my little friend ... and we added it to our Christmas chatchky pile.  They have LOTS of cute stuff for sale in the gift shop, as well as great food at cheap prices and of course CHEESE.  Half a TBA sandwich (turkey bacon avocado) and cheese chowder was only $7.99.  Cheese chowder???  Never heard of it?  Me either, but it was absolutely delicious.  Definitely not something I'm going to try and replicate .... can you image what a mess THAT would be in my kitchen???
Kids are funny ... when they are really little, they LOVE their picture taken ... then they turn three and won't look at you or the camera, won't smile and won't say CHEESE ... not even for a cookie!!!  Turns out that cookie wasn't such a good idea.  It was nap time and he was totally sugared up.  I'll clean up that big mess on my truck seats today!!
Here's an interesting note:  These guys sell cheese to everyone.  That block you bought in Oregon at Face Rock Creamery or maybe at the grocery store in Southern California?  It could very possibly have come from Hilmar.  They sell big blocks to companies who cut it up and package it with their own logo.  Who knew that??  The only place you can get it with the Hilmar Cheese Company label is at their facility here.
Braden wasn't ready to go home .... not after eating that huge cookie ... he wanted to go to MY house.  Okay then .... he played with the puppies (Cooper just had a racing good time), tried to get his fingers bit off in Jonathan's cage, turned Jon's heat lamp off and tore up two packages of post-it notes ... one at a time which he threw on the floor!!  YIKES!  No more cookies for YOU Mister!!

In the back yard, he spotted my rig tires .... TRUCK TRUCK!!!  Yup that's a big truck ... lets go take it for a spin around the block.  He wanted to know what every single button did until he accidentally blew the air horn and scared himself.
For awhile there, we were screaming down the road and rocking out!!  He really liked Ancy's truck!!
We made another play date for next week, sans cookie and this time we'll take the rolling jail (stroller) to keep better tabs on those little hands.  Within two minutes of arriving back at his house, he was asleep on the couch.  Whew!!  The cookie finally wore off!  

More accounting work today and hopefully I'll finish up the chest of drawers reorganization.  I have three bags of clothes to drop off at goodwill, then I think I'll go find a Christmas cookie for me!!


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    1. Whoa!! Vyaadka sounds easier to pronounce!! HA! I learned to drive at five ... in our old army jeep. I hit a tree!! Maybe I WILL have Braden teach you to drive the motorhouse!! He charges three cookies an hour!!

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  4. When you went to the cheese factory today did thy specifically say that they shipped cheese to face rock and Brandon Oregon
    When I was up there last year they made all their own cheese at their factory there although they did make about 15 different kinds
    the only ones that they import at that time are the ones like raspberry cranberry peach and nuts type cheeses
    But I will say that I like face rock cheese better than I do tillamook or any of the other normal storebrand however you can't get it on the East Coast
    One thing about their store in Brandon is their prices of their own products are higher then a sublet store like Safeway Fred Meyer's

    1. My friend's son who works at Hilmar Cheese said they have shipped product to them in something like 100 pound blocks. Not sure if they still do. I love, love their cheese and it IS more expensive at their factory. My favorite however, is Tillamook Aged White Cheddar. Haven't found that anywhere but at their store in Tillamook.

  5. When we were in West Virginia this summer, Kroger had some cheese. Granted it was big, but can you imagine paying over $500 for it?

    1. Yikes!! $500? I don't think so Jan!! Did you get to taste it? Maybe it had edible gold inside!!