Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last Day in Quincy

On the last day, instead of attending the group meeting, I opted to take a drive up the river to Indian Valley, home of the Maidu Indians, looking for ghost towns and old buildings.  What I found was another area hit by the recession resulting in many businesses being closed.  I stopped in a small antique shop and spoke to the Proprietress, who stated once the gold mines shut down, the lumber mills moved in (hence the town of Crescent Mills), and since the recession, owls and increased cost of transportation, the lumber mills have shut down.  Only small businesses and cattle ranches remain.
This is a huge valley with many small towns .. Crescent Mills, Taylorsville, Greenville ...

At the very end of the valley is Indian Falls, named "End of Valley, Trail End" by the Maidu.  Not quite the falls I am used to, this one being about 8 feet high, but it is surrounded by a beautiful redwood forest.  The rivers are full due to the snow melt and the water is freezing!!!
From here I headed to Greenville which had much more to offer, but ran out of time.  The lunch potluck is a BIG deal, and I didn't want to miss out (or miss providing my share!!).  On the way back through Quincy however, I discovered this abandoned house.  What a beauty.  It is so sad that it has fallen into disrepair.  I would dearly love to restore it to its prior glory ... but having done that, would probably not get any return on my investment, and the yard isn't big enough for my horses.  It was VERY hard to let this one go .....

The last meal in Quincy was with the entire group at Mi Casita Mexican Restaurant.  It is on the main road between West and East Quincy.  If you are ever in the area, please stop in.  The "authentic"food was very reasonably priced, you got huge portions and it tasted great!!  I will definitely stop here again.
That's it for Quincy.  Back on the roads headed home ... interesting that Cal-Trans must be on a four day work week.  It's Friday and all of the road construction has been halted for the day.  It will be nice to get home to Direct TV!!!

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