Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Garden Hose Summer Fun!

It's 105 degrees here today ... nothing compared to other areas where it's upwards of 118 ... but when the mercury rises, you can be sure the kids will play with sprinklers and garden hoses in the back yard.  My kids are no different ...
These guys aren't your typical kids, but they do love to play in the water when it is hot.  Not great images, since it's pretty hard to hold the hose, shoot the picture between the fence rails and not get soaked myself.  Showboy on the left and Remy on the right.  We three stood here for about 30 minutes getting soaked and cooling off.
These two guys were my cutting horses for many years.  They are retired now, like me and are obviously very spoiled, since I'm standing in 105 degrees cooling THEM off!!  They love to have the hose actually in their mouth.  Both mouths are open here!!  LOL
Lovely perspective of a fuzzy nose!!  They would stand here all day if I would keep the hose on.
Okay, not everyone wants to look at my horses mouths, so here's the last one.  Showboy got a good teeth cleaning ... they are fighting for control of the flow!!!!
After 30 minutes of cooling off resulting in a large mud puddle for Cooper the poodle to run through, I turned the water off.  Tomorrow has even hotter weather predicted.  I suppose you will see me out at the fence around 2:00 .......


  1. I love the photos of your kids playing in the sprinklers!! I'm sure you must have been a little sprinkled too. Hugs, Patty

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