Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Adventure (aka "You Gotta Be Flexible!!!")

It's early Monday morning and we are ready to go.  It amazes me that no matter how sure I am that I have everything .... I don't.  But that comes later.  The plan is to follow a map to Quincy that Joe printed out.  And we're off ... except Joe's GPS isn't the same as mine.  After a couple of missed exits and a new scenic route, we finally got on Hwy 70 where we planned to stop for breakfast.  We missed the restaurants (and diesel stations),  so I pulled ahead while Cyndae looked for restaurants on my GPS.  There were none ... we were too far north.  As a last resort, I finally pulled off at a dive of a burger joint .... named .....
Breakfast was pretty good and the price was right.  I have absolutely no idea how long it took us to arrive in Quincy.  I was too busy watching the Feather River Canyon road!!!
We finally arrived at Pioneer RV Park.  The first item on MY list is to check out my newly installed (3 months ago) satellite TV.  Unfortunately, there are three large trees between me and the satellite.  I can still watch TV cuz they have cable here ... except I don't have a cable.   Wait ... I can watch DVD's ... except I don't have any.  Are you getting the picture???  So after munchie hour, the one I didn't know I was supposed to bring something to ... we took a short drive into town.  Here is the Plumas County Bank Building ... built in 1903.
The local dentist's sign caught our eye ..... this being an old gold mining town ...
 We also came across this school built in 1905.  It was in great shape, but not being used.
Tomorrow we are visiting two local museums.  One with the RV Group, and one that we found while driving around.  I borrowed a DVD from Cyndae, so if I can figure out how to set up the TV, I'm going to watch it.  See you tomorrow!!

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