Sunday, June 12, 2011

Motivation! Where can I get some?

My next trip is to Quincy up north on the Feather River.  Since I have this one in the bag, so to speak, I have a few days to work around the house.  So what's the worst household job in the world?  Cleaning the garage!!!  When I moved to my current house two years ago, I moved boxes that had never been emptied from the previous move .. and they are still sitting in a pile.   This space should be where I park my truck.

Nothing motivates you to clean up and get organized like seeing someone else's neat and clean garage, where they know the hiding place of every item.  Wall to wall shelves with clear plastic containers so you can easily see what's there ... labeled with the contents.  Now THAT's what I'm talking about!!!  An hour on the internet later, I spied heavy metal shelving on sale at Lowes and couldn't get my credit card out fast enough.  After assembling (and reassembling) them more than once,  I'm ready to fight off the spiders, clean up years of dirt and sort through all the "stuff".  Except I forgot the plastic bins!  So it's off to Target where I found them on sale.  Many hours and lots of sweat later, I'm done. What a difference!!!  

I can now park both the car and the truck in the garage.  In the third bay I even have room for a photography studio.  

Although I think I could use a fourth bay ... you never have enough garage space ... I'm very happy with the results.  Thanks my friend for the motivation!!

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