Saturday, November 3, 2012

They're B a a a a c k !!!!!

Just like the swallows ... except for their looks ... the Kissack Castle namesakes have returned!!  Buzzard Roost is again surrounded by dozens of buzzards, lending their own kind of beauty to my back yard.  Really, they are pretty disgusting!!!!  This morning I woke up to this gorgeous sunrise in my front yard .... made me think of Hawaii!!!
A short trip to the back yard however, dampened my Hawaii spirits.  Stacked across the treetops were my old friends the turkey vultures!!!

Cold early mornings will find them at the top of trees and lined up along my back fence, wings spread as if in flight ... trying to soak up all the warm they can.  There are three in this image ... can you find them???
Thankfully the trees are all located on my neighbors property ... no mess for me!!!!  It is kind of unnerving having them circling my property, just waiting for something to die in my back yard.  Sorry guys, you'll be here a long time before that happens!!!  It does however, make it easy to find my house .... I just tell people to look for the birds circling overhead!!!!

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