Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cowgirl .. A Beautiful Woman With Dirt On Her!!!

Well I don't know about the beautiful part ... that's not me ... but a woman with dirt on her describes me perfectly!!!  I spent yesterday cutting and hacking at my neighbors trees that hang over on my side of the fence, making a big mess of sticks and trash.  I jump up, grab on to the end of the branch, pull with all my might braced against the fence, then cut and run!!!  The whipping action of the branch retracting unfortunately dumps loads of trash on my head, including big ugly bugs!!!  I discovered I need a bigger pair of shears!!!  Finally done, I came in a big dirty mess.  Even my dogs were eyeing me sideways!!

About that time, I remembered the cowboy hat I purchased in Sedona Arizona.  I mentioned I would show you a picture ... then forgot about it while in Hawaii ... not exactly cowboy country!!

If I had lived in the 20's and 30's, this is what you would find me wearing.  My boots are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own!!!  These are actually rodeo cowgirls ... they roped and rode broncs!!
I love the old clothes ... and have a couple reproduction pair of riding pants, but have been without the hat for some time.  I did find an old rolled brim Stetson that I still have, 40 years later, but have been looking for something like these FOREVER!!!
As Patty and I walked down the streets of Sedona, I noticed several western clothing stores ... we went in and out of each one very quickly.  Until ......... I saw the hats and clothing we had seen the "rustlers" wear on the train.  It stopped me in my tracks!!  I tried on every hat in the store ... with people laughing all around me!!!  No, it's too small!!  Noooooo it's too big!!!  I ignored all of them when I put on this beauty!!  It's just what I had been looking for!!!  Patty's comment was ... well it IS big, but if it's what you want, you should get it!!!!!

Sloped crown, very  w  i  d  e  brim, perfect color and it fits!!!!  This isn't the best image ... my arm isn't long enough to get the whole effect.  You just have to see it in person!!

I'll be in Indio and Quartzite in January.  If you see this big hat roaming around, stop and say howdy!!!

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