Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Peanut Butter and YaHoos!!!!!

I admit it ... I have a sweet tooth!  A REALLY BIG sweet tooth ... like the whole left side of my mouth!!!  After making oatmeal apple butterscotch cookies (what's not to like in that!!), I made banana pineapple bread with mini chocolate chips.  When I heard that recipe, I said Yuck!!  But after tasting some, it's the bomb!!  Further internet searches resulted in a recipe for chocolate cookie "flats" dipped in melted chocolate and crushed anything-you-want!  My excuse is that I'm "trying them out" for Christmas gifts.  Hahahahaha ... everyone who knows me knows I'm going to eat MOST of them!!  My list of dipping items included heath bars, mini chocolate chips, M & M's, pecans and Oreo cookies.  I'm walking down the cookie aisle and what should I find???  PEANUT BUTTER OREOS!!!  I'm in heaven ... did you know they made these??  Perfect for the cookies, if in fact there are any left by the time I make them!!  These are soooooooo good (you can see I've already been in the package) !!
The first YaHoo was after 12 phone calls, I finally got my 2012 Season Skiing Pass transferred to 2013.  Last year I had a surgery that kept me from skiing the entire season.  Dodge Ridge Ski Resort is a great place to ski ... Peter and I go almost every weekend.  If you have a verified Doctor's medical excuse for the entire season, they will transfer that ticket to the next year.  It took a little time, since I sent the first email in February .... but they finally called to say it was done.  That's a $300 savings for me!!!!  YaHoo!!!

The second YaHoo is that I have located a contractor (hard to find in this area) who will build a storage garage like this for my motorhome in my back yard.
The first problem involved the setbacks ... the Planning Department told me 15 feet.  The contractor says he does these all the time and the setback is 5 feet.  I worked in the Merced County Building Department for 10 years .... unfortunately, the employees have changed, as have the rules and the attitudes!!!   Then there are CC&R's for the subdivision, saying they have to approve any "building" ... does that mean carport??  I'm so thrilled that the contractor has agreed to handle everything ... even if it means moving the horse barn and dog kennels in order to get the building up.  This is a BIG YAHOO!!!!!  I'll keep you informed of the progress!!!!


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