Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yuma Bound

Finally feeling better, I wanted to make one last trip to Yosemite before heading to the Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma to meet up with best friends Patty and Dan.

Although we think the weather has been beautiful, it has been less than perfect for the snowfall needed to provide irrigation water to the valley.  Little to no rain the entire season thus far has resulted in little to no waterfalls in Yosemite, and very little water in the Merced River.  A usually spectacular one is Horsetail Falls the last two weeks in February.  The sunset shining on the water cascading over the edge off the side of El Capitan makes the falls resemble the firefalls of old that were a spectacle in Yosemite Valley for years when I was younger.  After spending three hours in very cold weather looking for the perfect spot to catch this image, I didn't find it!!  Not every road trip ends up with beautiful pictures to post ... darn it!!!!  So after dark, I headed to the meadow near the Ahwahnee  Hotel to get at least ONE image of Half Dome with what little snow was left.
Very long exposures on a tripod resulted in one of my favorite images.  I know we have all seen this a hundred times, but I never tire of this view.  Finally a storm came in today and dumped a couple feet of snow ...

So it's off to finish packing, fuel up at $4.49 a gallon (eeeek ... not kidding) so I'm ready to leave Friday morning.  Next post from Yuma!!!

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