Friday, February 17, 2012


Not something I have ever condoned, graffiti to me is destruction of someone else's property.  If you get permission, graffiti can turn into amazing art pieces.  The camera club I belong to provides a one word subject each month as a competition category.  Each image submitted is scored by a guest judge from 1-10.  Last month it was "Forgotten" and my D Block Cell image received a big 10!!!!  Sooo excited about that.  This month however, the word is "Graffiti" and is not in my portfolio, so I ventured out to see what I could find.

Nothing!!!  I guess I wouldn't be a good tagger, since I obviously don't know where good spots are ... after two hours of driving around a 40 mile radius, I couldn't find ANY tagging.  What I did find, had been painted over.  Finally, having decided to return home along the railroad tracks, I found one lone rail car.
The interesting thing to me is that these taggers are putting their mark ... their name usually ... on all these train cars for all to see.  But for the life of me, I don't seem to be able to read or make sense of anything they write.  This one was half covered over ... but TOO What????
Guess I need an interpreter.   Below is "B" XX??  The bottom looks like Osier Ridso.  Really??  I think if I was going to spray paint my name, or nickname on a train car for other taggers to see, I would definitely make it readable!!!
This final image is the one I will submit ... unless I find something better.  The last letter of a long name is the only letter that is recognizable.  I call it "Big E".
Next weekend I'm shooting a "legal" graffiti artist at his church where his art is amazing and colorful ... however still unreadable.  I hope he translates for me!!!

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