Saturday, December 3, 2011

Buzzards Roost

Most, if not all ranches, have names.  Our cattle ranch was "K Quarter Circle" Ranch, which happens to have been our brand.  Some homes have names ... my place is Buzzard's Roost.  Most people think it is because I have a carved wooden statue of a turkey buzzard sitting up high in one corner.  Actually,  it's because of the real thing!!!
Definitely not the most glamourous of birds ... in fact they are pretty disgusting.  Every year just before Christmas, hundreds of turkey vultures (or turkey buzzards) visit my house ... well thankfully, my neighbor's house.  Apparently they have migrated here .... seriously,  to Merced?  And MY neighbor's back yard?  ...

Here's MY back yard .... notice the very tall trees at the back of the property which are on the "neighbors" side of the fence.  This is the chosen spot for these guys to roost until their next migration in the spring.
This VERY cold morning when I went out to feed, there were several perched on my fence with wings spread, warming up in the morning sun.  This is a first ... they have NEVER ventured into my yard.  I foresee lots of running and screaming in my future ... trying to assure the big mess is in THEIR back yard, not mine!!  They have a wing span of around four feet ... if cold enough, their wings are fully extended.
These two were joined by two more walking along the top of the fence.  All total, there were 6 of these huge birds perched around my corral.  Thank goodness they are not hawks or I would be very concerned about my two small dogs.  These only eat dead things.
They are hard to photograph because they are so skittish ... even more so now since I ran at them waving my arms and screaming like a banshee to scare them back to the neighbors trees!!!   Really, I know I named this place buzzards roost, but I prefer they "roost" next door!!!!!

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  1. Some places have swallows returning each year, some places have buzzards returning each year. You really have the better deal!