Saturday, November 26, 2011

Life on Alcatraz

My project this year was "Weeds Can Be Beautiful Too!".  You are right ... it was bad, and got shot down by the instructor.  The only other interesting thing on my list was Alcatraz.  This place has fascinated me for years and I love spending time on the island.  So much history .....

To have a good project, the images should tell a story.  This one is about the effects this maximum security prison had on the worst of the worst criminals.  A new prisoner just arriving feels bad to the bone, but as time goes on, his demeanor and confidence diminish until he is a ghost of himself.  Of course, those who know me, know my philosophy ... if you can't do the time, don't do the crime.  Cuz if you do, you totally deserve to be here!!!   Anyway, on with the story ...

The Ship to Hell
About to dock
Main Gate Confidence
Owning the second tier
Cell Block after 5 years
Defeated at 10 years
Desperation at 15 years
A ghost of himself at 20 years
To see the images better, double click on the first one and view them in a larger size.  These images were shot in two trips to the island.   My shoot, my dime, so a third trip was out of the question.  There was me, an assistant, lots of gear and the model.  Unfortunately, they frown on tripods ... someone could trip over it, so all of the ghost images were hand-held 2 second shots with me sitting on the filthy dirty floor and my assistant shooing people around us and away from the direction of my shot.  I would say there were no less than 300 people around us in the block at all times.  For the most part, people were very accommodating.  In fact, they took pictures of us taking pictures and thought we must be doing some "special" ... helped a little by the fact that we said we were shooting a documentary!!!  We had a great time ... of course I want to go back and shoot more, but my model said no way Jose.  Hoping I get a good grade .............

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  1. Did I remember to tell you how much I like these? I can feel life on Alcatraz.