Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cooper and Cupcakes!!

Definitely not made to go together, my little dog Cooper and cupcakes have been the items of the last few days.  Cooper is a little terror.  Doesn't matter how cute and innocent he looks, inside resides the little guy with red horns, egging him on to destruction.  His favorite pastime is to lift the rug (or pillow or pile of crocheting), push his ball underneath ... then bark until you come and get it OUT from under the pile!!  After 35 times, he's still loving the "game" while I'm totally fed up!!!!!
Notice the dirty feet ... this from running roughshod all over the horse corral in the mud!!!  What fun!!!
Here's a shot of his ball ... or rather what's left of it.  Unfortunately they don't last long ... not that he cares because soon this will have all the green fuzz chewed off, and he'll be left with a few pieces of rubber which he will continue to play with until I throw them in the trash.
Stuffed toys do not fare much better ... this is (was) a mouse, now minus the nose, two eyes, two arms, one leg and all the stuffing!!
What can I do ... just take a look at that face again!!!

So since my friend has been ill and I am joining the camera club tonight, I'm baking cupcakes for her turn at snacks.  Every month you submit your best photos (or not) that a guest judge will evaluate.  Most points at the end of the year wins something ... I'm not sure what.  It does sound like a good way to get exposure and critique of your work, as well as ideas for shoots.  Think my cupcakes will win???
Marshmallow creme, Coffee and Chocolate!!!  
Thursday is an all day trip to Yosemite for fall color and reflective waters.  After that, senior pictures .... and I've completed my school project "Alcatraz".  Will post those images soon!!!

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