Friday, December 16, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth!!

DISNEYLAND!!  One of my favorite places to go.  Doesn't seem to matter how many times I've been there, I still love it.  Christmas is one of the best times to go if you don't mind the crowds.  The decorations are wonderful and the snow a sight to see.  We arrived Thursday night after a stop at Tommy Burgers.  THE most famous burger joint in L.A. ... they serve their special chili on their burgers and dogs.  Although loved by many, I can pass it up with no problem.  I love chili, but not this one!!!  Sorry Tommy!!

We stayed at the Red Lion Inn, advertised as being one block from Disneyland.  For $50 a night, I can't complain .. the room was really nice, microwave, coffee maker, safe ... but it was a 2.5 block walk to the ENTRANCE of Disneyland.  Here's Peter and his daughter Lauren that I go with every year.
We added to the group this time with Peter's friend Alex and his daughter Allie.
This is the first time in many years that we have seen Jack Skellington.  At 6'something, he was really a character, asking the kids all kinds of funny questions.
Due to the crowds, we rode some rides more often than usual.  The Jungle Cruise is always funny because of the bad jokes the "Boat Captains" tell.  Today was no exception.  Another great hilarious ride is the Canoe trip.  If you haven't done this one, it's a must!!
Lauen loves to ride the Teacups and make them spin!!!  which makes me nauseous!!  Allie got the honors this time.
At Christmas, the farm behind Thunder Mountain Railroad has reindeer ... and Santa if you are willing to wait in line with screaming crying kids.  In the back corner is this cutie ... which of course caught my eye!!
The Princesses are always one of our stops ... usually an hour or more wait (again with the screaming cranky kids), tempered by the fact that they are all dressed up in THEIR princess costumes and are cute as can be.  Here's Belle ... I'm sure I have 5 pictures of Belle!!!
The World of Color program in the California Adventure side is an amazing display of water and lights, including short movie clips shown against a background of fine water spray.  Amazing what you can do with water.
After the show, most people leave this side and head for the fireworks of Disneyland ... but after several hours of pleading and "betting you can't do it", I talked everyone into riding the Hollywood TOWER of TERROR!!!!!  Ooohhhhhhh ....  this one is good, although very short!!  In the end, we had walked 10 hours on Friday and 13 hours on Saturday!  Crazy huh??  But it's all worth the pain to be at Mickey's House!!!
With my newly acquired Annual Pass, I'll be returning soon .....

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