Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's a slow Christmas!!

Not a lot going on, which is why I haven't written much.  I joined the local ELKS organization and help out with BINGO every Tuesday night.  Oh my!!  These ladies are serious and grumpy!!  There has been lots of complaining since I arrived .... and here's why.  The first two times I helped sell the cards, I noticed several women taking 5 packages (12 games in each) and telling the cashier they only had 3.  That's increasing their odds by 24 cards.  The next Tuesday, I suggested we check everyone's "stack" to be sure we charged for what they were taking.  Sure enough, probably 10 people took more than they told us.  Grumble grumble!!!  Last night, we again checked EVERYONE'S purchases and were accused of only checking "some".  This time we caught at least 20 bingo sheets being taken "by mistake".  Now I would agree with that if there was just 3 or 4  ... but 20???   The ones that were complaining the loudest were the ones we caught.  On the other hand, we received one screaming (literally) complaint about not charging enough, and my co-worker got chewed out for it.  I'm ready to quit after 4 weeks.  After being told how to do my job by 6 of the bingo players and being yelled at for doing my job ... I'm thinking my attempt to help out isn't working, as it hasn't for anyone else because they desperately need help.  By the way, one lady won $1400 last night!!!  The payouts each night are a minimum of $4000, which is a lot of money ... but don't try to increase your odds and cheat everyone else out of their chance.

My photography project is due tonight.  Wish me luck.

Tomorrow is the best day of the month!!!  I'm going to Disneyland for four days!!!  I'll be thinking about my friends Patty and Dan on their Disney Cruise with their family!!!  I'm going with two friends and their daughters, both about 9 years old.  We go every year at Christmas and I'm so excited to be going again.  The construction work in California Adventurer should be completed so we can see the water show and experience two new rides!!!  AND I'm getting a yearly pass so I can go as many times as I want.  Pictures will be coming soon .........  Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season!!

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