Monday, February 11, 2019

Beauty Number Two

No, this isn't Beauty Number Two, but it IS rather beautiful and quite tasty.  Here's the recipe for that chocolate brownie lava cake pudding thing, before I completely forget to post it.  Just click on the link here.  Hot fudge brownie more-like-lava-cake yummy goodness . Yes the recipe is a little involved, but easy to make and tastes over the moon.  Small servings are better since it's SO rich!!  My crock pot was too small, so use a big one if you have it.
No, this is not the beauty either.  He's just the installation guy making a big mess in my kitchen.  Not only did he have to remove the old microwave, but the frame thing holding it on the wall.  Of course the new frame didn't even begin to match the old holes, so new ones were drilled, both in the wall and in the bottom of the cabinet.
Bye bye Mr. Microwave whose parts kept falling on my head.  I'm sure that broken door frame would not have lasted much longer.
Hello Beauty Number Two!!!  Although they told me it was going to hang down further, giving me less cooking room, they were incorrect.  Now all I need is a stove to match, but that will have to wait.    Surprisingly, it works like a charm.  You never know nowadays if that's going to happen.  

By the way, the salesman told me not to expect any of the appliances made in this day and age to last more than eight years.  My stove at the ranch lasted 40 and my Mom's fridge 35 years.  Apparently they don't make them like they used to.
There was one purchase in Tubac that I didn't show you.  This be my new gorgeous pot.  I rather imagine it's called something more fancy than pot, but it now resides in my back yard.  I love it and could use two more, but again, that will have to wait until my wallet rejuvenates itself.
Another new addition to the house would be the lovely printer given to me by Lynn and Dave Cross.  Thank you SO much.  It works like a charm, copying three new recipes I'm passing along.  There has been another foray into how to cook delicious meals when you're single, on a perpetual diet and recipe-uninspired.  I'll explain it all tomorrow!!  


  1. You new microwave looks very nice and love that pot in your backyard. Thanks for sharing that recipe.

    1. The microwave was even better when I figured out how to turn the beeping off.

  2. Saw this on a blog might help with package delivery online this evening to renew the PO Box that we have here in Santa Fe, and found they offered a new service.

    You can now receive packages from any shipper, UPS, FedEx, etc., at your PO Box. It’s a free additional service called Street Addressing.

    You just go online, log into your PO Box account, and click the Street Addressing box under Additional Services. You will have to drop off some paperwork at the PO to finalize it, but that’s all there is to it.


    1. Well that sounds MUCH better than paying them big bucks for additional postage and handling to get packages. I like it!