Saturday, November 5, 2016


If you're going to try and scam me out of my money, at least learn how to speak, and better yet to SPELL the English language.  The first word in your email was the clue.  I'm pretty sure Chase Bank has spellchecker.  This slight error would have been picked up immediately were it the real thing.  Very close though ... you have my congrats ... the email itself looked very professional, saying you had closed my account due to password failure.  Forget the part about me not having an account there.

You needed my verification questions answered, my birth date, my social security number, my mothers maiden name, my dogs name, the year of my vehicle, my grandchildren's names, my shoe size and the color of my eyes.  I'm sorry to notify you of your email system failure.  You might have gotten just a tad bit closer to your objective if you had at least spelled NOTIFICACTION correctly.

P.S.  Your copying skills of the Chase Bank logo were fantastic.  Maybe you could use those skills to get a REAL job.

It's a damp froggy day (foggy with an r in case you think my spellchecker is sick) in Central California.  Although still 75 during the day, the nights have cooled down causing lots of the white stuff you can't see through.  This is probably the last beautiful sunrise we will see until next year.
It comes and goes, this fog.  When I was a kid, it was so bad you literally had to roll down the window and stick your head out to see the white line and listen for oncoming traffic.  When it was really bad, you always felt like you were curving around to the left, even though you KNEW the road was straight.  With the crazy drivers of today, it's just better to stay home.
Back to my Good Sam Roadside Assistance plan ..... the first year I got my rig, I went to Alaska with Patty and Dan Chance.  At the time, the best insurance coverage was with Progressive.  I knew I had some coverage for towing, I just didn't know what and was too lazy to check.  Good Sam sent me their info and for $160 I could have double coverage.  I signed up.  

I figured if I had a problem (you know how these RV's can be), at least ONE of them would foot the bill.  Someone was looking down upon me, because I had no trouble whatsoever.  I didn't mind paying double for a few years, but now the price has risen to $220 a year.  Time to take another look.

Insurance is a necessary evil I suppose.  What irritates me most is that you pay for five or ten years with no problems.  You have one claim of maybe $1000 and they surcharge you for the next three years to regain their money.  What about all the money you paid in for FIVE YEARS??  It's just ridiculous what it has become.

At any rate, my Progressive policy says it's good anywhere in Canada or the U.S. (NOT Mexico) and they will pay for unlimited-distance towing to the nearest repair facility.  If I don't want to use that particular business, I have to pay for anything over that mileage.  Repairing flat tires, jump starts, fuel delivery if I'm dumb enough to run it out of fuel and even if I lock myself out of the rig, they will cover it.

Just to keep Progressive and my insurance agency honest, I get quotes every year or so from other carriers, who so far have not been able to beat the price for the same coverage.  Luckily, I haven't had to test the policy and service ... and hope I never have to.  I just pay the bill, because you never know what might happen.  I also put a tiny bit away for emergencies, every time I receive my retirement check, just as a precaution.  If I never have to use it, I'll be thrilled ... and I'll take a cruise to Cabo!!


  1. Progressive has been good for us. Fast no hassle the few times we have used it. Hate the bill,but what do you do.

    1. That's good to hear about Progressive. One of these days I'm sure I'll find out in person.

  2. The RV insurance with Blue Sky covers towing, we have used it twice now on two different rigs, and also two tire changes. RV insurance increases have been about 3-5% each year. HOWEVER, the HHR insurance has gone up more like 8% each year, and we have never used it. Go figure.

    1. That's why I like to shop around Dave ... not that it's easy with all the different coverages. It's almost simpler to just pay the increase ... and I'm sure they count on that!!