Monday, November 14, 2016

Moon Over Miami

Anyone living on the East Coast probably saw an amazing sight as the moon rose above the horizon.  I'm not sure if it was another Harvest Moon or a Super Moon, seems we've had several types this last year.  It almost felt like you could reach out and touch it.  Through the camera lens, you can even see the curvature.  VERY cool!!
I was definitely looking for better pictures and would have preferred a location far from my back yard, but it would have required driving a couple of hours.  Instead, I perched on top of my motorhome.  After the first 43 I took on a rather shaky tripod, I discovered my camera settings had magically changed.  It's not the first time and I have no idea HOW it happens.  The ISO setting changed to AUTO, causing very grainy images as it added light, you know, because it's DARK outside.  A setting of 100-200 would have been perfect.  

I really didn't pick up on it until I noticed the manual settings didn't look right.  I kept having that nagging feeling in my brain that something just wasn't as it should be.  Sure enough, the ISO setting read 25,600 instead of 100.  How irritating!!  It took ten minutes to crawl down off the rig and another thirty minutes of scrolling through the 10,000 item menu before I finally found the problem, at which time it was really too late for more pictures.
Apparently that was also the problem two days before when I took these images.  Not quite a full moon, the clouds made for some interesting colors and light.  I never could quite get the image I wanted ..... no wonder with incorrect settings.
It's all about capturing the light in photography.  Entirely too much light, thanks to my ISO.  I'm going to play around with them a little today and see if I can fix the problem.  That's one nice thing about Photoshop ... you can change most all of the settings for an image AFTER you download it to your computer.  
For those that may not have seen it, 60 Minutes interviewed Trump and his family last night.  Seems there won't be a return to slavery and he is Pro Life but says that issue has already been determined by the Supreme Court, as has gay marriages, which he has no intention of changing.  The only immigrants he's going to deport are those with criminal records and Obamacare will be changed/replaced being sure that no one misses even one day's coverage.  He said everyone will receive a cut in income taxes ... I like that one ... and he's not taking that $400,000 salary except for the $1 a year he is forced to accept as President.   

It was interesting to note 60 Minutes brought up Trump supporters were being hateful to people (Clinton supporters I assume) and what he planned to do about it.  They totally forgot to bring up the Clinton supporters who are rioting, damaging personal property and burning the American flag.  It's also interesting that neither President Obama nor Mrs. Clinton have publicly told people to stop demonstrating and rioting, least I haven't seen anything about that. 

I'm not really a political person, I hate politics, but I did sign up with Trump on Facebook.  He feels it's a perfect way to stay instantly connected with the American People, a modern form of communication.  I have to say I agree and it's a way to stay updated on what his policies will be.  So far I agree with what he's proposing.  Time will tell.

I'm meeting with a security "expert" from my Alarm Company today about installing cameras to keep an eye on my mowers and blowers.  Sad that it has come to that.  I'm a little leery of someone who's just SO excited to see me, however ... can't you just hear her voice?  I'm pretty sure she's more of a saleswoman than an expert.  Those cameras at Costco are looking better all the time.

Photoshop Magic ....... just so you know all those golden moon pictures out there are a little enhanced.


  1. I heard that it was a super moon, the next one will be in 18 years.

    1. That works for me!! Sure is pretty to sit and watch it in the morning while drinking my coffee.

  2. I have three motion sensor control outside cameras On my place
    You can get an app to put it on your phone whenever something trips them
    Or you wish to check on them
    It would cost about 350 for the unit which should give you about four outside cameras
    If you want it for the inside as well I'm not sure if it's Lowe's or Home Depot but Iris has a set up for inside the house as well However you do have to have Internet access for both
    Like I said earlier and you probably Laughed at me set up an account with the taxi company and whenever you want to dispatch them to your house there walkaround if they see anything unusual thay can take a photograph of it and text it to you

    1. I didn't laugh!!! I actually have friends that do drive-byes, but this time they failed me!!

  3. The only expert in their repertoire is they went to school to learn to be a sales person
    If it's possible for you to put four cameras on each corner of the house all you going to do is keep track of Al lawn champo Walking back-and-forth
    Or the little brats in your yard or the UPS guy coming to your door
    you're not going to be able to determine the lawn quality
    The resolution of those security cameras are not that great even so they are expensive
    My boss just spent 30,000$ with a security company installation putting in 28 cams in side / out side
    Now the funny part was my truck is 75 feet from the camera on the fuel island and I can't read the name on the side of my truck door
    And night resolution is even worse
    Just type in security cameras day and night resolution on YouTube you'll see just exactly Their quality or lack of
    Someone broke into my cars at night a year ago the only advantage is we could tell which door he went into and how long he spent there
    From 8ft away he looked right Square at the cam unit
    We knew his height weight ethnic background but not good enough to pull a mug shot
    the daytime resolution and color is excellent you can watch your dogs run around outside while you're inside watching TV
    Or the car or ups guy in your front yard
    Here in Florida at certain times of the year you have flies and Moths
    And they're very attracted to the infrared light which in turn attract spiders and spiderwebs
    So all in all they have limitations advantage and disadvantage
    One other thing
    make sure your unit has motion sensor setting ( not continuous run )
    the largest terabyte you can get for storage ( after they run out they reright Over )
    Internet compatible with a downloadable app To your phone
    And after the first month of Newness you'll forget you even had it
    Joy your day

    1. Motion sensor setting ... check. Didn't know that. I'm really not worried about someone breaking in ... I have a good alarm system and two cop friends who are called first. It's mostly to just check on the landscaping.