Tuesday, November 1, 2016


HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEN!!  It wasn't the least bit spooky in my neighborhood, so I ramped up the scare and the music, all the while blasting the front porch with creepy fog.  It was SO much fun!!
The very first visitor was three year old Woody from Toy Story, along with Mrs. Buzz Lightyear.  This is his first year out on his own and he was a little intimidated by the tall guy.  As I watched from inside, he finally knocked on the door.  With a little prompting of "what do you say?", being the little gentleman that he is, he said THANK YOU.  No no ... you're supposed to say Trick or Treat!!
He got candy anyway ... LOTS of candy, including some for Mom, Nana and Papa.  
He loved the pumpkins ... Papa like the skulls.  Auntie Nancy wishes he would get a haircut, but Dad refuses (????)  This is Woody's alter ego, Hippy Woody.
Once he figured out if he touched the witch she would light up and talk, we had a marathon session.  He seemed fascinated by the glass ball.  After one last run from the car all the way back to touch her, they took off for greener pastures and more candy.  He decided Halloween was pretty fun!!
This guy scared everyone, even the adults.  They all thought it was a real person that would scare them.  I sat on the floor behind the door and ran the fog machine, peeking through the side windows.  If someone was hesitant to walk up, I opened the door and told them it was okay.  You never saw so many relieved faces with big smiles when they saw me!!
For those that braved the scary entrance, there were full sized snickers.  This brought a resounding YES from several boys dressed as boys.  They thanked me over and over, then ran out into the driveway and yelled YES again.  I'll remember this next year.
The kids weren't the only ones scared.  As I filmed a short session of closeups while the music blasted, I saw this creature out of the corner of my eye.  I'm barefoot, causing quite a little impromptu show of River Dance.  I don't know what it was, but it was FAST!!  I wore my cowboy boots for the rest of the night.
Seventy children went away happy, along with six adults who also got candy.  The theme of the night was actually policemen ... which I LOVED.  The best costume (besides Woody of course) was a SWAT member who rolled up with his twin sisters chained in a stroller, both dressed in black and white jailbird stripes.  He won the prize!!!  The second best was Ariel, whose beautiful red hair was amazing.  I think I need that wig!!
Halloween was a resounding success as pickups and even tractors, pulled wagon loads of kids around the neighborhood.  A first for this area.  What a great idea ... safety in numbers with parents on board to keep everyone in tow.  Twenty five in one shot ran my candy down a little, so I was glad I had purchased a bag of minis as backup.  I gave away every last one .... sort of .... well maybe I kept just one for me.  ALRIGHT!!  I kept FOUR!!!  Peanut butter cups are my favorite!

It's Magic Kingdom time, but after a horrible night with no sleep whatsoever, I may just make an appearance to be sure someone else is there before returning home.  Maybe a nap will help after a big glass of wine ... but then I'd have to go to the store and that's not happening!! 

Next up ... CHRISTMAS!!  With a little Thanksgiving thrown in in-between!!


  1. Hippy Woody and I have something in common...we just might have to stick around California next year for Halloween. :)

    1. I think being an older Woody is a good thing ... there's a little more distinction there. Being a young hippy Woody results in you being called a girl more times than not!!

  2. The Cubs survived to play another day. Game 7 get a big bowel of ice cream a blanket curl up on the sofa for the evening.

    1. Just amazing ... I didn't think they could pull it off!!