Sunday, November 27, 2016

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

I'm turning into a turkey.  I've eaten turkey for the last three days, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE turkey, but I'm getting rather tired of it.  I did freeze quite a bit, but made meals in those handy dandy containers from my personal chef.  I now have to eat two more days worth.  I'm trying not to be wasteful, but I'm sick of turkey.  Even a cup of gravy on top isn't helping.

We've had glorious rain the last two days and it continues today, so my trip to the Game Refuge was cancelled.  It's pretty far out in the boon tullies and I don't relish getting stuck anywhere my phone won't work.  Yes, I have four-wheel drive, but those levy's are narrow.  Tow trucks are expensive.  Don't ask how I know.

My little Cooper was looking pretty bedraggled, so rather than a bath, I gave him a haircut.  It's not his favorite activity, to be sure, but he stands very still ... like he's scared to death.  Once done, he knows he gets to play the ball game for ten minutes ... outside ... so the pieces land on the lawn and not on my floor.  He'll do anything to play the ball game.
While waiting for the football games, I cruised around the DirectTV menu to see what new shows were coming up.  Have you ever taken a really good look at what's on your dial?  There are lots of old 90's TV shows, but mostly rather interesting paid advertisements ... like "Women Over 40 Make Men Obsess".  Really?  What do I have to do?  The answer was spend a fortune on skin cream.  You'd be better off working on lessening the pull of gravity.

Then there were fascinating things like Real Housewives, which we know wasn't real at all.  It was scripted just like all the other "reality" shows.  Bar Rescue didn't flip my skirt, nor did Bad Grandpa, who takes his grandson on a trip to Las Vegas.  That one is sort of like Bad Santa, which was also on.

There's the best steam mop EVER, the even better SHARK Mop, "Do You Have A Turkey Neck?" (why yes I do, it's in the fridge), "Do You Poop Enough" (I'm not kidding, it was on TV) and at least five shows selling jewelry.  The one about how to make moonshine was interesting ... I'm thinking that might land you in jail ... and the best of the best ............................................wait for it ...........................................
WEEDIQUETTE.  Right there on your television, the etiquette of growing and smoking weed.  I imagine my mother said the same thing, but GOOD GRIEF!!  What is this world coming to????

I did find one thing I would like to recreate.  This is a perfect Christmas tree for my kitchen.  I always wanted to be a welder and make critters out of junk.  Alas, the equipment is rather expensive and I've not a clue how to use it.  I did a little welding with my dad, but that was WAY too long ago.  If anyone knows where I might have this made, let me know.  Or maybe I'll run into someone in Arizona who can teach me how to weld things and not catch my house on fire.
For those that are going to Indio this Winter to the FMCA rally, THE ICE CREAM HAS BEEN ORDERED.  We have a new manager from Wyoming who says he'll be the permanent Boss from now on.  I'll believe it when I see it.  The "Boss" has changed every year I've been doing this!!  I also spoke with Larry, our delivery guy.  I have his personal phone number so I can harass him mercilessly to make sure he gets there on time!!

By the way, it wasn't very nice of me to speak badly of the dead ... meaning the infamous Castro of Cuba.  I should have wished him peace ... instead I will wish him the same kindness he bestowed on his people.  Does anyone know who will be taking his place?

The rain continues, as does the crazy realm of television shows I'll be watching today. You probably know what I'm having for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Maybe I'll make a quick run to McDonalds.


  1. In answer to your question Raul. But keep in mind he's 86 years old now
    But I don't believe he's a full-Marxist Like his brother because of the changes he's making in Cuba
    On 31 July 2006, Raúl Castro was designated the President of the Council of State in a temporary transfer of power, due to Fidel Castro's illness. According to the Cuban Constitution of 1976, Article 94, the Vice President of the Council of State assumes presidential duties upon the illness or death of the President. Raúl Castro was officially made President by the National Assembly on 24 February 2008, after Fidel Castro, who was still ailing, announced he would not stand for President again on 19 February 2008.[7] Raúl Castro became First Secretary of the Communist Party at its Sixth Congress on 19 April 2011, having previously served as Second Secretary under his brother for 46 years.

    In answer to your other question: if their horseshoes try a local fryer
    Any welding shop or blacksmith shop just keep a picture of it so you could have a pattern 14 horseshoes all the same size and a canna spray paint if you were local I do it for you Very simple to do
    When you go to Arizona find a blacksmith shop that can make you the star for the top If you can't I'll give me the name of the blacksmith and Rockaway Beach Oregon But you'd be faster on eBay

    1. Thank you for the info. I hope for the people's sake they find someone a little less communism and a little more heart.

  2. Your Horse shoe Christmas tree could do more than one duty
    You can hang 10 birthday cards from it
    Or 10 self colored Easter eggs
    You could hang 10 wire stones that you found on the beach from it
    You could hang 10 GPS coordinates from where you bury the food in the backyard
    You could hang 10 cannibal shrunken heads from it for Halloween
    As well as 10 Christmas present to yourself for Christmas
    So you see, for $50 you can get a lot of use out of that Tree
    The list is almost endless

    1. And I plan on doing every single one of your suggestions!!!