Wednesday, November 9, 2016

America Has Spoken!!

Against all odds, Democrat Hillary Clinton seceded and Republican Donald Trump is our President Elect.  So far the world hasn't come to an end, so that's a good sign.
Although I should have been helping out at the Magic Kingdom, I spent most of the time in the Pull Tab room watching television.  It was a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting close race, until Trump led the last five states, already having 245 electoral votes.  In the end, it looks like 276 - 218.

It was interesting to note that Hillary's representative went to their headquarters and told everyone to go home, it was too close of a race to call at that point.  Everyone left, many in tears.  Ten minutes later, she phoned Trump's headquarters and called Uncle.

I was happy to see that one of the first things Trump said was "we're going to take care of our Veterans".

Its weird, I know, having a non-policitcal person for President, but maybe that's what our country needs ... a little shakeup ... someone who wants to put Americans first.  As an Accountant, I'm happy we may finally see some decisions based on business policies and not so much politics.  Truly, all that remains to be seen because there's still an entire political Congress he has to fight with.

It was also very interesting to see the reaction of many of our Bingo players.  I heard everything from "I'm going back to the Philippines" to "we're going to be deported".  Really, aren't you a citizen?  Yes, but Trump will send all Mexicans back to Mexico.  Good grief people ... if you are a citizen, if you are here LEGALLY, you will NOT be sent back to Mexico!!  If you really feel strongly that the Philippines is a better place to live than the United States, then by all means move back home.

I for one, LOVE it here.  Yes I pay almost 35% income tax on every dollar I make.  Pretty crazy when you think about it ... and I pay $350 a month for Medicare that was supposed to cost nothing, but I'd still rather live here than anywhere else.

In California, we're all going to become pot smokers, we have to register every box of ammunition we buy, pay even more on School Bonds (armed robbery if you actually figured out what you will end up paying) and pay another $4 in tax on each pack of cigarettes.  On the other hand, we still have the death penalty.

So if your candidate won, CONGRATULATIONS!!  If your candidate lost, don't worry, you aren't going to be shipped out of the country and I doubt your life will change drastically in the next four years, unless you're a Veteran, in which case I hope it DOES change for the BETTER!!


  1. So Arizona is looking more like a place to homestead?

  2. At least the White House silverware is safe for the next four years

    1. Hahaha yup as long as none disappears in the next couple of months.

  3. Is there a bloggers conspiracy to get you to move out of California

    1. There IS ... and honestly, there's not much reason to stay here other than the few friends I have. I just have to find the right house.