Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Am I Awake Yet??

Every Wednesday I have a morning after hangover from visiting the Magic Kingdom of Bingo.  I'm pretty sure I'm up, as in out of bed, but I'm questioning whether I'm awake or not!!  It was a long night.

I remember enjoying myself at the upstairs Sky Lounge with a very large glass of popcorn.  They were short on clean popcorn cups.  Best fresh made popcorn in town.  Four of the Bingo Crew and I were gearing up for the night's festivities when we spotted something new .... a Nacho Machine.  Lala Palooza!!!

Who knew popcorn, fresh roasted peanuts and nachos don't really go together well, especially when you top it off with a glass of coke.    What a way to start the night!!
The usual fare was NOT being prepared in the kitchen.  The Temporary Soda Jerk came to our table and demanded to know where the Cooks were.  I was instantly rendered mute by her purple hair.  If someone didn't find them, she was closing up shop and going home ... in no uncertain terms.  YIKES!!  The kitchen is off limits to us, so we told her to hold her horses while we searched the castle far and wide for someone to wield a spatula.  If there's no food in the castle, the peasants will RIOT!!

Finally we located the Castle Secretary who at least knew how to turn the stove on.  After my early appetizers, a stomach grumbling hotdog cooked by a less than novice chef wasn't going to be on my menu.  I complained until someone stuck $40 in my hand and said GO GET PIZZA!!  You don't have to tell me twice!!

Prince Charming and I headed off to the Castle root cellar, better known as Costco, while someone called in the order.  Someone forgot to tell me what they ordered and whose name it was under.  As usual, I got in the wrong line ... you pay first from the line with 25 people in it ... then you stand in the "pick it up line" for 30 minutes while they try to find your order, only to discover it's not been made yet.

Eventually, I ended up with TWO boxes of pizza which were to feed 20 workers.  I'm sure you can imagine how THAT went, especially when the Court Jester took FOUR pieces.  Two when I walked in the door, and another two when they were laid on the table.  Good grief ... isn't it Thanksgiving??  Did no one teach you manners???  He's older than I, so I just kept my mouth shut like a good little Castle Accountant.

It was a long night.  One of our new Callers thinks she's special and should get VERY special treatment.  Spouses of workers get to play for free.  She received special dispensation and her mother-in-law now plays for free.  If that weren't enough, she THINKS she shouldn't even have to write a check.  Here's the deal .... buy whatever you want, write a check.  If you win, you get the payoff AND your check, minus the cost of the bingo cards.  

Everyone plays by the rules except her.  She didn't want to be bothered with writing a check.   (Very LOUDLY) "What, you don't think I'm good for it?"  No ...... no I don't.  I've seen you in action in the past and MY cash register isn't going to be short.  PAY UP!!  She went straight to the King, who gave her a BIG HUG because she was so distraught.  I stood with my hands on my hips.  She wrote the check.  

By the end of the night, I was exhausted, was feeling nauseous from all the Crappy (with a capital C) food I'd eaten and I wasn't in any mood to be tested.   Thankfully the till balanced and we left to the peasants cheering HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  

This morning as I mull over in my head all the bad food I ate and contemplate my aching body, I figure I'll share the love and remind everyone that Christmas is coming!!  It's time to shop until your wallet is empty or your credit card full.
Personally, I don't go out on Black Friday, but I DO have a short on-line shopping list that requires attention.  Maybe I'll get to it after my third cup of coffee.  It's going to take that much to wake me up!!


  1. I relate to this. It seems the older I get the longer it takes me to get functioning once I get out of bed. I'm up to an hour now before I'm sure my brain is working properly.

    1. Well you're ahead of me Linda. Some days I try real hard not to think until around noon!!!