Sunday, November 6, 2016

Going Out Of Business Sale

When I was in Photography School eons ago, I thought it might be a fun idea to get into the business of taking pictures when I retired.  Buy a camera, take pictures and you're on your way.  Not so much.

Everyone in the class certainly was gung-ho, purchasing cameras and lens, along with a dozen bits and pieces that we just couldn't live without.  Things that would make us "professionals".  There were even three of us who discussed opening a downtown studio together and splitting the costs, because we KNEW it wouldn't be a money-maker immediately.

The best part about all that was calling myself NK-Photography and getting a nice deduction on my income taxes for depreciation.  This gear isn't cheap with lenses costing an average of $2,000 each.  The trouble is you have to show a profit at SOME point!!

That year we all went to Photoshop World in Las Vegas.  What a blast THAT was!!  We were up at 4 am sitting on the tops of buildings, taking amazing photos, along with 4,000 other people.  Too bad no one else thought our images were amazing.  With all the improvements in cameras and phones nowadays, EVERYONE can take great pictures.  The problem is SELLING them.

At any rate, on the floor of Photoshop World sat this beautiful printer, spitting out the most fabulous printed images you've ever seen.  They made me a half-price deal I couldn't refuse, especially since the other two people promised to do all their printing with it (and compensate me) at our new storefront.
That whole plan might have worked out just fine if we were somewhere other than Podunk City California.  Someone must have overheard us, because literally within a couple of weeks, another photographer opened just that type of business.  It closed one year later for lack of revenue.  My business partners disappeared into the woodwork.  Gosh ... now I'm stuck with this printer and so it has resided in my living room for the last eight years.  Since I'm trying to downsize, it's got to go.

Unfortunately, my original computer set up to use that printer, crashed.  From that point on, I was too lazy to download the drivers, get all new cabling and resurrect my picture files.  The problem is, not using a printer is the worst thing you can do.  At any rate, it's time to move it on down the road to someone who will get more use out of it's wonder High Dynamic Range printing.  The Photography Class Instructor is interested for the right price.

It took me thirty minutes just to remember how to load the paper roll.  I pushed every button possible because the instruction manual was playing hide and seek.  Finally, a test run of the printer nozzles resulted in the pretty little pattern below.  Oh no ... two big white squares.  That's not good ... not good at all.  I ran a normal cleaning ... three times. 
That promptly ran the ink cartridges down to LOW.  It doesn't like LOW, so I had to replace three.  It's a good thing I had an extra set of ink.  Still two blank squares, so I ran an EXTRA cleaning which cleaned out all the remaining ink cartridges.  By the time I was done, I had replaced every single one with a total of $1,500 worth of ink.  No one said this was a cheap hobby!
Too bad that didn't work either.  I placed a call to Epson Support and talked to Joy who was a joy.  She gave me specific instructions on how to run a service cleaning.  If that didn't work, I would have to have a technician come to the house to clean and possibly replace the nozzels.  

Four hours passed as I said lots of prayers over the beast and pushed a crazy number of buttons in different orders until it stopped.  I printed the test sheet again.  NOTHING!  RATS!!!!!  So Monday my first order of business is to call Epson for a serviceman.  This wonderful amazing printer will either get fixed for under $1,000 or it will get a short ride to the dump.  What a shame!!  But like any other printer on the market today, the repairs and ink cost more than just buying a replacement.  

NK-Photography is going out of business.  Not that I'm selling my cameras or lenses, but the printer and all eight of my carrying cases will soon disappear.  I'm sure I could sell everything on E-Bay, but then I'd have strange people coming to my door ... not a good idea when you are a single female.  

I'll continue to haul all my gear around and still take pictures of the places I visit, but printing will have to be done at an on-line facility.  I'm pretty sure they won't really notice, since I haven't printed anything in five years.  

Unfortunately, I'll have to say a fond farewell to the tax deductions.  It's been nice knowing you!!  Maybe I can come up with another money making venture ... like a quilt store!!  


  1. When I was boondocking at Walmart I watched a woman make several meets at her car with buyers of things she was selling. If it's portable, they don't have to come to your home.

    1. I never thought of that Linda ... that's a GREAT idea!!

  2. Well if you sell it for more than $600 you have to pay that as profit back to the IRS
    Or if refurbish it you can take a depreciation tax over the next four years
    Also if you refurbish it you can also take that as a tax maintenance deduction
    Or if you pack it in a box and have somebody come pick it up that belongs to a nonprofit charitable organization you can get a good tax break
    If all that goes to hell in a handbasket you can just dig a big hole in the backyard
    But for some reason or other I think it would take a long time to decompose
    But on the same token if you buried in the backyard and the The code enforcement finds it he's going to call the EPA and and the landfill agencies they're going to come after you for polluting the environment / illegal disposal of electronic products / failure to properly dispose of hazardous recyclable product there's got to be at least another 20 things that I have forgotten that would cost you money
    I'm sure you'll find a reasonable solution to the whole printer thing

    1. I thought about the backyard hole Ed ... hahaha! If I take it to the dump, they will charge me, so I'm hoping to donate it to someone!!

  3. You could always donate it to a small Church Organization or a small library
    And you could take a deduction as well

    1. I may be able to donate it to the local College ... if I can get those printer nozzles to work!!