Sunday, September 18, 2016

WHEW!!! Made it to Petaluma!!

Best laid plans always get changed!  I left Eureka around 8:00, knowing it would be a long trip.  It would be even longer if I chose to drive back through Sacramento, then over Pacheco Pass and on to Santa Cruz.  In retrospect, that might have been the better choice.

At any rate, Hwy 101 wasn't too bad until I hit Santa Rosa, when it became like a washboard.  Good Heavens ..... I had to slow to 45 miles per hour.  Poor Jonathan had his brains shook up pretty good.   The puppies will survive, they will just sleep it off.  Actually, Jonathan did too, but that's pretty tough on a bird!!

I took lots of beautiful pictures on the way, all of which were either too blurry or too unsightly from dead bug carcasses on the windshield.  After 5-1/2 long hours, I finally pulled in to Petaluma Elks to find my assigned spot had been taken over by a Prevost.  Yes I did have a reservation ... a must here ... and had to knock on doors until I tracked down the Host.

She was very nice and moved me over a couple of spaces. The problems arose when she said I had to back up until the back of my rig was over the concrete curb.  The trouble is I can't level the rig without dropping the rear end on the concrete.  Even if I run up on blocks in the front, the back will touch down.  It's okay ... Cooper's ball rolls downhill without any help from me ... and my electric only fridge doesn't require leveling.  Hopefully I won't fall out of bed.

I did have one suggestion for the men.  I know how much that all over tan means to you ... I've been there, although in my own private back yard.  Sunning your slightly overweight body in a speedo next to my rig was a blinding experience, to say the least.  I wish I had that much confidence in MY bikini good looks.  I finally had to close the blinds.
Although traffic wasn't TOO bad and I found the Elks Lodge easily, my nerves were still shot, requiring a BIG SHOT of chocolate.  I'm not putting the slides out, as I'm a little afraid of the slope, so it's pretty tight in here.
No biggie ... I can deal with it for one night.  Although my original plans were to spend at least two nights here in order to check out the antique stores, they changed when I realized I would be driving through Benecia, Walnut Creek, San Jose and Milpitas on MONDAY during RUSH HOUR.    I'm sure most of the time would be spent stopped in traffic.  

The smart thing to do would be to hot foot it to Santa Cruz down Hwy 680 early on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, the first highway I will navigate is 37 ... right on the way to the huge car race this weekend.  Once past that, it should be clear sailing.  Sort of.  Pray for me please!!

I called ahead and my space awaits at Smithwoods RV Park.  My map says 88 miles, two hours.  I'm hoping for anything under FOUR!!

The good news is that now I know where this is, I can return for a week or so on an antique foray.  I have it on good authority there are several in the area!!

Packing up ....... moving South!


  1. Too bad,we love Petaluma. Traffic is always bad in that area.

    1. It's okay ..... I'll be back!!! It was a great Elks Park with really nice people!!