Friday, September 9, 2016


No, it wasn't me who went skinny dipping in the ocean late in the evening Wednesday and never returned.  I feel sad for her family and boyfriend, but people need to use a little common sense.  First off, there are not one, but MANY signs on every approach to the beaches saying NO CAMPING!!  No one is allowed to camp on the beach overnight ... not even if you are just sleeping in your car.  They ignored the signs.

There are also MANY MANY signs that say NO SWIMMING - HAZARDOUS BEACH CONDITIONS - DANGEROUS UNDERTOW.  That would be enough for me to not even put my big toe in the water.  Unfortunately, people don't listen.  The water is 55 to 60 degrees.  COLD.  If swept off your feet, you won't last 30 minutes before hypothermia sets in and you drown.  She ignored the signs.

Two women did not survive their entry into the water in the two months I was on the peninsula.  Both happened just down the beach from me.  There were helicopters flying most of the night, lots of vehicles firing off flares for visibility and the Coast Guard searched for hours, to no avail.  PLEASE read the signs and DO NOT go in the water!!  Even more important, don't let your KIDS go in the water.  Very sad indeed.

I left at 8:00 yesterday, feeling like I wanted to stay forever.  I do have other engagements however, so under cloudy skies I made my way to the Astoria-Megler bridge for the last time this year.
Stairway to the heavens ..........
Traffic was light, but I did pull over a couple of times to let others by.  A little over two hours later I was in Tillamook.  Along the way I remembered the Oregon Coast Railriders, so I paid particular attention to the railroad tracks.  That thing they said about it being flat??  It's about the same as it is in Joseph ... UPHILL!!  The good news is that it is at the entrance to the best clam chowder restaurant in town!  The same driveway takes you to Bay City's Pacific Seafood Restaurant.

Although I had scheduled a ride, I won't have time this year after all.  Things change and I'm only here overnight.  These railcars hold four people instead of two, making it more difficult for a single to catch a ride.  It's okay though ... you should always leave something to come back to!!
I did forget to mention the Thai food I had the last night in Long Beach.  You will see the sign on the highway, but might pass it by because it looks like a giant thrift store ... which is actually next door.  The owners are a wonderful family who treat you like Kings and will create some great food for your pleasure.  It's served with a smile and a bow.
Although called Crab Lagoon, this is crab rangoon and mighty tasty.
My Pad Thai with chicken was delicious too.  If you're ever in Long Beach, stop in and say hello to the locals instead of the big hotels.
When I arrived at the Elks Park in Tillamook, they were quite busy.  Apparently there is a 50 year class reunion being held here.  I got the last pull through available, but it's on the down side of the hill.  That means neither my phone nor my internet work well at all.  I'm not sure what service is here, but AT&T and Verizon only work if you are at the top of the hill.
I'm off for Florence Oregon this morning, where the internet and phone service are even worse.  The Park sits down in a hole making communication impossible unless you drive to town.  I feel cut off from the world.  Guess I'll spend a few hours a day in town catching up.  I mean really, it would be terrible if I had to sit in an antique store for a few hours.


  1. I knew when I heard that helicopter fly over Safari that it probably wasn't going to turn out well. Nancy, I will miss your blogs about the Long Beach Peninsula. Happy and safe travels to you!

    1. And I will miss Long Beach Carol!! I was very sad when I left. Another month would have suited me just fine!! On the other hand, it is always nice to leave something to see and do when you return ... and I WILL return!!