Thursday, September 1, 2016

People Can Be Funny!!

Last week there was a group meeting here in the park.  Names of the innocent and guilty parties have been changed.  In fact, I won't even mention the group just in case it's someone you know.  When I heard the knock at my door, I was surprised, since I don't know anyone here.

The nice lady, we'll call her Susan, invited me to their potluck the next day.  How nice is that?  As I was eating dinner that night, there was another knock at the door.  "Why aren't you at our hot dog cookout?"  Ummm because I didn't know you were having one?

About that time, Cooper got sick.  Good timing my puppy pal!  Susan, I'll be right there.  While I cleaned up the mess, I changed shoes, then put my food away when there was ANOTHER knock at the door.  "Well aren't you going to drive me back?  It's too far to walk!!

I grabbed my keys, but wasn't fast enough.  I locked the rig and tuned to find in less than 30 seconds she had walked clear back to the barbecue area.  I joined the group, talked for about 30 minutes, all the while wondering if my rig had become a disaster area fraught with doggie mines.  Finally, I excused myself and returned home.  The rig was fine, but Cooper was green around the gills.  He has since recovered ... no clue what that was all about.

I hit the store the next day in order to make garlic bread for the potluck.  Easy, fast and tasty if I stand there the whole time and don't let it burn.  When I arrived at the appointed time, no one was there.  Gee ... maybe I got this wrong!  Finally a few showed up and placed an extra chair at their table for me.  I should have waited because when Susan came in and I wasn't at HER table, she became visible upset.

She came to where I was sitting, said it was nice of the RV group to take HER friend away and left in a huff.  Gosh ... I didn't know what to say!!  Soon as I could, I snuck back to my motorhome, never hearing from anyone again.  It's ok, I'm not much of a group person anyway.

So yesterday in the pouring rain and blowing wind, I went to an Antique store.  There are usually bear carvings around Oregon and Washington, but rarely do you find Seahorses.  It's four foot tall, carved from old growth cedar, smells divine and is stashed in the back of my Jeep.  He'll look great by my fireplace and maybe keep the moths away!
Upon my return home, I discovered a new resident of the park who had staked out their territory like a California gold miner.  There were 3-4 foot logs all around the perimeter (the entire site, not just one side) with container plants in between the spaces and two huge rugs to compliment the fifth wheel.  They have two big lounge chairs with a coffee table in between, on which sits a doily and a lamp.  Good heavens!!  People can be funny about THEIR territory!

Not long after, I smelled cigar smoke.  Ugh!!  I turned off my fan and closed the door.  Later, when I took the puppies for a walk, I discovered why.  There sat the lady of the house in her lounge chair, with not much on ... really, if you're that old PLEASE put some clothes on .... and SHE was smoking the cigar!!  I don't think I've ever seen anyone put on a show quite like that!!

At the farthest end there's a big rig who staked out THEIR territory with a big easy-up where they were hiding their rotweiler and lab during the day when they were gone.  I forced myself into Zen mode. 

They were easily discovered however because the rotweiler went crazy barking and tried to eat anyone that walked by going to the beach, including the Owner's daughter.  Yesterday I saw they moved the easy-up closer to their rig and lowered it so it doesn't show.  Really?  At least the dogs now accompany them when they leave because I haven't heard the I'm-going-to-rip-you-to-shreds barking.  

You just have to laugh .... people can be so funny!!  We are coming up to Labor Day Weekend and it's only going to become more crowded.  It's a good time to haul my chair out and try that new Apple Jack wine!!!  Happy September!!


  1. Don't forget to bring out your favorite music, too. After all, everyone must like the same music you do, right?

    1. There was that too Linda, but it was only in his Jeep as he drove by ... so loud it made the floor vibrate. Thank goodness this is more of an "old folks" park!!

  2. You have such the nicest fun an meet the most divine people
    Maybe you should introduce Susan to the rv cigar chopping lizard
    And to think if you were in at thousand trails Campground you would only be able to see this from a far And people pay good money but To think how fortunate you are
    no matter what it cost you,,,,,, priceless

    1. Maybe I just attract those kind of folks!! I thought we were going to be life long friends!!