Saturday, September 3, 2016

Labor Day Rush

In spite of the bad weather, the Labor Day crowd arrived in one big swoop yesterday, with rigs waiting in line clear out to the main highway.  Thank goodness the smallest trailers with the most people and dogs have ended up at the farthest end ..... away from me.  It's much easier to deal with Miss Jessie that way.

Their compounds have been set up using every available inch of real estate, with bicycles, trikes and scooters left in the roadway due to lack of parking space.  Be calm Nancy .... be calm!!

What better way to escape the clamor than to go shopping at the antique store I missed because they seem to be closed more than they are open.  My Jeep had other ideas.  As soon as I stepped inside ... to the beautiful smell of seahorse cedar wafting on the breeze ... and turned the key, I knew I was in trouble.

The low tire light was on, glowing a beautiful yellow orange like a sunset.  I instantly knew I was in trouble because I saw the same light the day before.  After stopping at all three gas stations, none of which had air, I found an Auto Repair Shop.

Steven kindly checked the pressure ... 20 pounds ... and filled it for me.  We found nothing in the tire ... like a nail ... and he replaced the Tire Tracker monitor.  Just because I'm who I am, I went around and double checked every little gizzy to make sure they were tight (remember this part ... it comes into play soon).

Now with the light shining in my eyes again, I apparently DO have something in the tire after all, so my first stop was the Auto Repair Shop.  Thankfully, they were still there, but too bad for me, they don't do tires.

HOWEVER, two blocks down the street, they do.  Immediately, the nice older gentleman started to talk my ear off.  I'm going right along with the program because I REALLY need my tire fixed.  You've probably met him before.  I'm sure his wife never talks to him, so he makes up for it at work.  In the conversation however, I discovered he's not only from California, but was raised twenty minutes down the road from me.

We had a nice long talk while the kid worked on my tire with me keeping a close eye so I would know what the problem was.  AHA!!  In the big tub of water, he found the now waterlogged monitor was leaking ... A LOT!!  It was loose (see "remember this part" above).  How could it be loose?  I double checked it yesterday!!

They put the tire back on and filled it with air.  I kept the monitor in my pocket.  NO CHARGE he said, you're a neighbor!  How sweet was THAT!!  I slipped the kid $10 and drove away.  Maybe today I'll get to that antique store ... after I check the air in the tire.
There have been a couple of nice sunsets this week.  I almost missed this one when I became too involved in my knitting.  Breathless when I finally hit the beach, I just caught it falling below the horizon.
I've been trying to photograph the green flash forever ... you know the one.  When Orlando Bloom comes back after ten years (Pirates of the Caribbean).  No luck so far!!
Wait for it .........
Nope ...  no green flash!!
Happily, no one has been parked next to my front door.  There are only two spots left in the entire park.  Hope springs eternal they will remain empty, my tire full and Orlando Bloom will magically appear on the beach!!  I won't hold my breath!


  1. Hi Nancy-

    Nice photos again on the blog.

    Today should be some great (early) baseball. Bumgarner vs Arietta. Get your hot dogs, chips & soda ready. I'm driving a charter-shuttle today so will have to settle for the game on the radio.

    Enjoy the day!

    -Chicago Robert

    1. I'm jealous Robert ... at last you got to listen to the game. I called to change my local channels, but it wasn't being broadcast in my area. Great game though ... it's hard to beat MadBum. Probably would have though if Rizzo hadn't been caught in between bases. I keep up with the games on my phone ... when the internet works!!

  2. Try as I might, I have never seen the green flash either. I would like to see Orlando Bloom on your beach too.

  3. American Tire (Discount Tire outside of California) will check and fill tires for free, and fix flats for free...does not matter if you are a customer of theirs or not. Something to think about as you travel.

    I just changed all the batteries in our tire pressure sensors, but have never had one leak.

    1. Les Swab does the same Dave, but I'm too far away from ANYONE!! So far it's holding!

  4. In Key West I handed my husband my camera at sunset. I saw the green flash; he didn't. Maybe it doesn't show through a camera lens?

    1. Interesting Linda ..... that may well be true!! I guess you didn't see Orlando since your husband was there!! Next time I'll put the camera down, just to see!!