Thursday, September 8, 2016

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!!

Guess where I am!!!  I'll give you three tries.  The little Ryobi air compressor worked well, but it only lasted one day.  I was the early bird yesterday at the Tire Hut on Pacific Street.  This time there was a much more competent Supervisor who oversaw the tire problem.  You and I both knew there was a nail in the tire.  $10 later I was on my way.  I could have driven to Schwab across the Columbia River and probably got it fixed for free, but that's a long ways to go on 20 lbs of air.

There is one thing I have learned about tire checks, no matter WHO does it ... no one bothers to read the tag on the door that says how much each tire should hold for that specific vehicle.  Years ago I almost got in an accident because the dummy at Costco put 80 pounds in the front tires of my truck ... they should have had 55.  Now I check it myself.   This time the kid put in 48 pounds instead of the 33 psi it should have had.
The RV park is a ghost town and I'm loving it.  It will only last 24 hours however, as this weekend is the Rod Run to the End Of The World .... the far end of the peninsula.  This place will again be hopping!!
I was SO excited to get one more day of kite flying in before I left!!  I mean look at it ..... there's not a soul in sight!!!  I was a little disappointed with the wind however.  Undaunted, I set up the kite at the exact time the wind quit altogether.  

I plopped my butt down on the beach to wait ... surely it will come up around noon.  HA!!!!  I was wrong.  There was not a breath of air for miles around.  I finally packed it up and walked back to the rig.  Guess I'll just hang with the puppies.
When I got here almost three weeks ago, it seemed I would be here forever.  How time flies when you're having fun at the beach.  It was getting close to sunset so I made the last walk for some pictures.
It's interesting how the water and sand change every single day along this beautiful stretch of land. 
There were no dead fish at this approach to the water, but I did catch one seagull flying past.  I'm sad I won't be seeing this image for almost a year.

Time to pack up and hit the road!  I should be in Tillamook by noon .... just in time for a grilled cheese sandwich and ICE CREAM!!!!!


  1. Say that wasn't you skinny-dipping at 1015pm in Long Beach last night was it

  2. LONG BEACH, Wash. – U.S. Coast Guard crews are searching for a woman who was swept into the ocean Wednesday night
    The woman was last seen near Long Beach at around 10:15 p.m.
    Her boyfriend called 9-1-1 saying she was swept out while skinny dipping, officials said.