Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Girls And Their Toys

My internet connection is getting slower and slower ... like thick molasses, it took forever to load the program, let alone the pictures.  If it continues, you'll probably see some postings later in the day when I can get up to the clubhouse.

With another low tire scare after driving down the hill to Santa Cruz proper, I decided to find a Home Depot and pick up another cool little toy.  Really, I'm not sure if the problem is another tire or the tire monitor in the car.  Tire Tracker says they are fine.  At any rate, just down Hwy 1 a piece, I found Home Depot and this cute little baby.

These are pretty inexpensive so I hope it lasts awhile.  This mini compressor was all of $26 and can fill my car tires with no problem.  It did exactly that in Long Beach.  Although the gauge goes up to 150 lbs, I imagine that would take awhile.  The grey chunk on the bottom is the battery.  THAT'S where they get you .... this particular one cost $99.  It takes 30 minutes to charge and they say it will last for four hours of use.  This battery actually belongs to my skill saw.
Of course if you have a battery, then you need a charger, because the little one I brought doesn't work.  I actually have a few Ryobi battery operated tools at home.  LOVE them!!   This charger will stay in the rig.  They were right, it only took 25 minutes to fully charge the battery so I could go around and scare everyone by hitting the GO button.  It is rather noisy!!  I can also air up the tires on my bicycles and get rid of that huge tire pump I've been carrying around.
I only hit one antique store (the only one with an open sign) and discovered it was just a THRIFT store with lots of junk.  They did have a cute kitty sitting on top of a dresser though, so I got in a few pets.
When Patty and Dan returned from gathering up stuff for the Rally, we loaded up for another foray to the Wharf for dinner.  Bring lots of money if you eat out on the wharf.  This time we went to Stagnaro Brothers.  Patty and I had their famous fish tacos, Dan the Crab Salad and Bob Tucker the red snapper.

I have to say I didn't think the clam chowder was as good as what I've been getting in Oregon and Washington, but the fish was delicious.  At $20 a plate, it was rather pricey.  Bring your BIG wallet!!

Patty and I quickly got into a little trouble when I tried to slip between two tables on the way out.  I apologized to the lady sitting in the chair as I knew I would be right behind her ... and that's when it happened!  My shirt stuck to the back of the chair behind me like velcro and wouldn't let go.  I was struggling, everyone at her table was laughing and I just couldn't get loose!!

Basically, the chair went with me and finally detached itself when I reached the aisle.  I apologized again saying something like that chair just wouldn't let go of my butt, as I returned it to the table and made a dash for the door, with Patty and I laughing all the way!!

As more preparations are under way today for the rally, I'm running down to Santa Cruz to hit a couple of antique stores.  Not that I have any room in my Jeep, but this is close enough to home I can return, should a pickup truck be necessary!!  

It's been cool, shady and quiet at this lovely Smithwoods RV Park, which will change when all our Golden Spike Crew get here tomorrow, followed by the weekend visitors, so I'm going to enjoy it while I can!!


  1. with that beginning blog,header now I know why you're single
    Man want to hear things like Fredericks of Hollywood or Victoria's Secret's not not Home Depot and I bought a shiny green air compressor thank you
    Do yourself a favor take the one tire minders.that's telling you it's a low And switch it to another tireand see what it does
    If the tire is going bad the one that you switched it with will tell you
    Second question is the monitor in your RV monitoring your jeep
    Or does the jeep have standard equipment tire monitors

    1. Both ... the Jeep has a monitor ... that's the one that keeps going off ... and it has a Tire Tracker that I monitor from the rig. Tire Tracker says it's okay, so I'm thinking it's the Jeep's monitor.

      I probably wouldn't have all these tools if there was a guy around ... LOL ... it's a catch 22!!!

  2. If the air in your tires are at a normal pressure
    jeep has issues with there tire monitors if that be the case read the Internet reviews
    Or X 2 out as a test