Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Newest Rage ... Tie Dye

Everything old becomes new again.  I wish it was that way with us humans too!!  At any rate, my first priority when I arrived in beautiful Bandon Oregon was to find the RV Park I've never stayed at before.  I looked on my maps which showed the driveway right off the highway past Oberman Road. When I hit Doberman Road, I figured I had read it wrong and slowed down, much to the consternation of the people behind me.

That was NOT the road.  When Oberman came up and I slowed again, I could hear the bad words in my ears.  I would have said the same thing!!  I found the driveway along with the Camp Host who was cleaning up the building, which was HER first priority!  I was early she stated.  Fifteen minutes later when the room was ship shape, she signed me in.  First up for me ... since I now have a full hookup ... LAUNDRY.  

My laundry skills have some how diminished to the level of my cooking (big sigh).  See my once beautiful ocean blue sheet?  This is my all time favorite with very thick elastic around the edges and it fits the bed beautifully.   I put the whites in with my sheet for fewer loads.  Big mistake!!  I've put bleach in other loads of colored things, like towels, and they came out fine.  Not so the sheet.
This towel came out great, did it not?  It was in the same batch!!  I know Barbara and Tom Westerfield LOVE tie dye .... maybe I can sell it to them cheap!!
While the second load washed (I put the bleach away), I took off towards town to sooth my wounded soul with what else???  ICE CREAM!!  Face Rock Creamery lives here and is a MUST stop.  My flavor of choice ... peanut butter something ... wasn't available.  I tasted the top right ... lemon poppyseed ... but chose chocolate chocolate instead.  I chose badly.  So far this day gets a "4".
This is the child's size cup.  It's three inches across and over five inches tall.  $2.00 for this huge cup of indigestion!!  Not really, ice cream likes me ... but for the first time, the words "wow ... that was just too much ice cream" came out of my mouth!!  It was good, but the lemon (with chunks of lemon muffin) would have been better.
To put the icing on the cake, I also stopped in at my all time favorite fish and chips place ... Bandon Fish Market.  They serve the best halibut and chips, hands down!!  There are six huge chunks of beautifully cooked fish, cole slaw with cranberries (YUM), along with tartar sauce and ketchup, not to mention a load of crispy fries.  I ate 1/3 for dinner ... still full of ice cream ... and I have leftovers for breakfast and lunch!!
A new antique store of sorts has opened up in town, so that was my last stop.  Garden stuff is mingled in among the antiques where I found this cute little terrarium.  It may just end up staying in the rig.
It was late by the time I got home to the second load of laundry that came out with no tie dye effects.  I know the dryer works better when plugged in to a 50 amp service (which I have), but this was not the day.  It took forever to finally get the washcloths dry.  My clothes are hung around the rig with care.  If I can't sleep with barking dogs, I'm pretty sure the dryer would have me wide eyed!!

It's kitty day today and I'm excited to stop in at West Coast Game Park Safari, the main reason I come to Bandon every trip.  I can't wait!!!!!


  1. Isn't it funny how when we don't live in a state, we sure have our favorite places to stop. Between Tillamook and Face Rock, I get my ice cream fixes. The little terrarium is cute!

    Liz-Boise, ID

    1. Liz, I love finding little places to stop and admire the town. Places that sell ice cream rate a little higher than most!!

  2. The tie-dye looks like the cake you try to make one time
    And To think people pay good money for tie-dye and you get it for nothing
    Well maybe two dollars for the laundry
    If you're not branching off at Brooking

    Sunset rv Park at the south end of Crescent city on the left-hand side easy in and out and right next to the beach You've already seen the lighthouse
    If you haven't taken this drive if you really want a pretty drive take Howland Hills Road ( state park )(free )cars only) it's an old stagecoach Road all I can say is it is spectacular
    Every time I try to get to the lighthouse the tide was wrong

    1. I'll have to make that trip next year Ed ... I've already got reservations at the Elks Lodge in Petaluma, so I'm sort of on a mission to get there. I did almost get stuck at the lighthouse once .... stayed just a little too long!! LOL

  3. The pic of the fish and chips has me drooling, and I'm blaming you! It looks delicious.

    1. Scott it was the best I've ever had. The pieces are huge, cooked perfectly with just a tad of crunchy batter ... and the french fries ...... now I'M drooling!!!