Saturday, September 17, 2016

That Was A Close Call

It wasn't a driving incident .... I'm very careful and always try to drive defensively.  That being said, you probably have already guessed .......... it was a kitchen incident!!

I left Bandon early in the morning to dense fog.  Having been raised in the Central Valley where many times you can't even see the yellow line, I'm a pro at foggy driving.  The word of the day was SLOW!!
Sometimes it wasn't even because of the fog.  I've never seen so much highway construction on the entire trip as there was between Bandon and Orick.  It seems it's time to sandblast and repair every single bridge ... and there are a LOT of them!!  Many sections of the road have sloughed off the side of the mountain also, causing major repairs. 
Just about the time I got up to speed, there were flashing lights ahead warning of another single lane section.
AND ANOTHER!!  In fact, they were every 3-5 miles the entire way.  That means it was a REALLY long drive to Eureka!
Be sure and either eat or throw those lovely pieces of fruit away before you cross the California border.  The border check is up and running again with extra people checking lots of vehicles.  The garbage can was full!!
As I pulled into Crescent City, it was still foggy as I imagined eating the Mac 'n Cheese from Brick and Fire Bistro in Eureka.  It was a long 5-1/2 hour drive and the puppies and I were starving!
As cheap as I am ... and since I actually had some macaroni in the cupboard, I decided to make my own.  After arriving at the Elks where I found many empty spaces (love it), I made a quick trip to Loleta for some yummy white cheddar.  Too bad they didn't have any.  

Back home, I whipped up the roux before pouring in the milk.  I usually don't measure anything ... which may be why there are so many mistakes ... but this time, since I was using some half and half, I dug out a measuring cup.  

When I poured the milk in, it looked thick.  My shoulders dropped.  Spoiled ... but how could that be?  I just bought it?  A second look at the bottle and I discovered the word "Vanilla" on the label.  I tasted it.  Thank goodness it wasn't spoiled, but it was nice and sweet and vanilla flavored.  I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work well in Mac 'n Cheese!!  WOW!!  That was a close call.  I was THIS close to dumping it in!!!  It would have been burial material for sure!!
Luckily I had enough half and half to finish the recipe.  It was mighty tasty, even if it didn't have white cheddar.  

In spite of previous recommendations, there basically are no antique shops left in this area.  There is one, but it was more of a hoarding situation.  The only old thing in the building was ME.  I even drove to Ferndale to find the last one had closed.  How sad!!

This morning I'm off to Petaluma where I'll stay a couple of days before our RV train rally in Santa Cruz.   If I make it to Santa Cruz that is ... across the Benecia bridge, through Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, Fremont and San Jose .. you know, those cities with horrific traffic.  I'm so NOT looking forward to it!!


  1. Hi Nancy,
    Can’t wait to see what you find in my neck of the woods, I live in Windsor.
    I know there are antique shops in Petaluma. Then you have the nice little town of Sonoma.

    1. I just wish I could stay longer. I'm a little afraid of tackling Monday morning traffic through the Bay Area, so I'm leaving early this morning. I'll be back though, now that I know my way around!!

  2. Petaluma is our favorite Elks,hope you have a reservation. Ukiah had the best diesel price about a month ago.

    1. Luckily I DID have a reservation. Although I got upstaged by a Prevost who took my spot, leaving me pretty tight on space (not able to level up) it's a great place!! Looking forward to coming back.

  3. OMG, that drive is something I don't think I would EVER do in our MH. I hate doing it in a car anymore! Good Luck Nancy.

    1. Don't say that Dave!! I'm screwing up all the courage I have!! My plan is to go slow and pray a lot!!

    2. Isn't it funny that when we were 25 years younger we wouldn't even think twice about a trip like that. Can't even count how many times I went from Sac to Santa Cruz along 680...way more than I could ever remember. Last Sunday I went up to Berkeley to visit my oldest and his girl friend, the morning drive was fine, the early afternoon drive was too much for me (but I think that open Alaska Highway was still on my mind.)