Sunday, January 17, 2016

Visiting Friends and Realtors!

We really didn't have anything planned for Saturday ... unusual for us ... but since Patty and I felt so bad for the husband sitting outside Grandma Jo's quilt store, we decided to pay him a visit.  Unfortunately there weren't any chairs, so we didn't chat long.  Instead we went inside and purchased fabric for more quilts!!  The ladies that work here are so nice and so helpful, we just couldn't help ourselves!!  Hi, my name is Nancy .... but you already know that story!!
Back home, and with lunch behind us, Dan wanted to check out a tiny railroad here in Yuma for a possible rally sometime next year.  Patty and I had tried to meet up with fellow RV bloggers Ray and Cindy Warner, but they are as busy as we are!!  Having been turned away by the security guard previously, we finally got through the gate and found their new beautiful ... and I mean spectacular ... modular home at the Palms RV Resort.  

I was so excited about the place, and maybe finding a lot or home for myself that I forgot to take a picture of us.  Luckily, Cindy took this one and I confess, I stole it from Ray's blog.  On my return trip, I promise to get a nice picture of Ray and Cindy!!
Cindy is a quilter with amazing talents ... having sewed both of these quilt tops with the smallest squares EVER!  Each one is maybe half an inch!!  We also checked out several that were quilted by Ray with a long arm machine they have at home in Utah.  We always kid each other about whoever has the most fabric wins ..... I'm a little behind right now!!
We chatted for awhile and played with Penny, the cutest little puppy EVER, but needed to get going.  As we drove around on the way out, there was an Open House in the most magnificent stick-built home ... basically two buildings with a huge patio in between ... I could LIVE HERE!!  A little pricey and no room for the motorhome unless you also purchased the half lot next door, but really, I could live here!!  I love the fact that security will keep an eye on the place while you are gone!!  

Just a phone call away was the Realtor selling everything in this resort, so I contacted her and we looked at several more after dinner.  For $250,000 (some less, some more) you can get a two bedroom, two bath home with room to park your RV.  There's even a small yard for the puppies to roam.  I'm still thinking about it ..... it would be perfect to spend all winter here, but come July, August and September you pretty much have to be gone unless you don't mind 115 degree weather.  I'd have to sell my house and downsize BIG time, but I'm definitely going to think about it.
You can stay in the resort for any length of time ... four months runs about $23 a night, one night in the neighborhood of $48.  I'm going to come back in several weeks and stay for awhile to see if I like it.  They have every kind of activity you could ask for, lots of concerts, two swimming pools and activities galore ... not to mention the quilt store just down the street.  Maybe I could even talk Cindy into giving me lessons!!

I wonder if there are any other gated RV communities like this around Arizona???


  1. Ms Nancy this is mama Viola. I read blog and see top picture of man waiting for wife. It scare Viola because it look so much like Viola's little Vyaadka waiting for rubles so he can come to marry you and we can all live happily ever after.

    1. I'm so sorry Viola ... Nancy is spending all her cash on gizmo's at the big tent!!! LOL