Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Quilting 101 !!!!!

Another beautiful sunrise accompanied by 38 degrees (feels like 28), and I really didn't want to get out of bed.  Well actually, I was already up and had the dogs watered by the time the sun came up.  The electric blanket is a keeper ... toasty warm all night!!
Mondays are set aside for Miss Patty's quilt group meeting and little did I know I was scheduled for an all day quilt lesson.  I learned more than I could ever imagine, met some wonderful ladies and had a yummy lunch!!

First up .... how to use a design wall covered in fuzzy fabric to determine the location of each and every square.  The long bars in the image are part of a long arm quilting machine.  I'd love to have one, but the prices are over the moon!!
Here's an amazing piece of artwork getting ready for the quilt show in Sierra Vista.  I've never ever had an idea about entering a quilt in a show and now I know why.  The judging includes so many line items that must be perfect, my quilt would look like it was made by a third grader.  So if you go to a show and you see a ribbon hung on a quilt, know that it's an amazing piece of art and perfection!!
Apparently these meetings usually last all day, so by noon I was getting pretty hungry.  Pat Jones to the rescue ... she brought an absolutely huge pan of pasta covered in yummy sauce, and Shirley (we're at her house) threw in a loaf of homemade pumpernickel bread and prickly pear punch.  It was delicious!!!!

Back to quilting, there were many examples of french braid that I've never wanted to attempt.  It just looked too complicated!!  
Shirley grabbed her book and showed me they weren't that bad after all.  She thought even "I" could do it!!  Included in this book is the pattern to her show entry quilt .... just the most beautiful thing ever ... and believe me, every single point exactly touches the opposite point ... something I have trouble with!!
I learned SO much and could have stayed longer, but Patty and I had "stuff" to do, including looking at some homes for sale.  On the way home, Patty saw this beautiful coyote trotting alongside the road.  Can you find him?  Sadly, all I had was my IPhone for a picture.
Here he is ... although a horrible picture, enlarged to make him more visible.  What a fat beauty he was!!  
Once we dropped off our stuff at home, we raced back to town for some dowel to make chew sticks for Jonathan.  These chunks should keep him occupied a little longer than 5 minutes!!  He was a happy camper, chortling the entire time he was chewing!!
Then we raced off to return a couple of picture frames Patty had purchased that didn't work, as well as braving the downtown Tucson traffic to find a Best Buy.  I can't take pictures with a tripod unless I have this little gizzy ... a quick release plate.  I KNOW there's one in the rig somewhere, I just can't find it!!
Finally home, we had another great dinner, this time beef stew prepared by Chef Dan.  It's SO nice to have a meal prepared for you after a long day of quilting!!  

Almost bedtime, I grabbed my tripod and camera and braved the chilly temperatures for a few night sky images.  This is no easy feat to set up, especially since you can't see through the viewfinder in the pitch black of night ... you just kind of point it and hope for the best!!  I did get some interesting shots however that I will show you tomorrow.  In the meantime, another full day is scheduled ... maybe I can get in a nap before we leave!!


  1. A lot of people think they need a tripod to take difficult shots with their cameras where using a blanket of a car roof will serve the purpose without scratching the paint. That works especially well when shooting wildlife (bird) pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It's a great idea ... and I actually tried it first, but no matter what I propped up under the lens, I couldn't quite get it to focus high enough.