Friday, January 15, 2016

Arizona Marketplace

Flea Markets are kind of tough for me to visit.  I want to buy everything in sight.  I am happy to announce however, that I'm getting MUCH better at keeping my money in my pocket!!  Bright and early yesterday at 9:00 am, we headed down the road to check out the fleas.  If you want it, they probably have a version of it here, including thousands of pairs of socks!!
Since it was so early and FREEZING cold, there wasn't much traffic to navigate.  I would have purchased a pair of gloves had I found some, but you know, this is Arizona ... home of 70 degree weather!!
Several cutie pie dogs were lounging around, most wearing their finest heavy coats.  I have a really hard time finding halters for Cooper, but the Gooby brand sold here fits him well, so he now sports a nice two-tone blue and yellow.
Although we check out all the glitzy T-shirts, we never purchase any, having learned our lesson in year's past.  It's not always the best buy when the shirt shrinks down three sizes with the first wash.
The central eating, husband parking, rest area was basically empty when we walked through.  The entertainment, smart guy that he was, was probably still in bed.  I hope he brings his heated long johns!!
This rather new shop had some of the most beautiful shawls I've ever seen, handmade by this lady into ones that won't fall off your shoulders.  She sews two buttons strategically on one side (or the back) that magically keep it from falling off your shoulders.  If you're in the area, stop in and say hello!!
The colors were so beautiful, I fell for this burnt orange/brown one.  That made three purchases (I think that's a record), including the carmel corn.  I can NEVER resist THAT!!!
Just before noon, I rushed back to the rig where I SHOULD have met the guy from Rami Gas for propane.  As you can guess, he never showed up.  Maybe today he said!  That's okay ... I've already scouted out propane at a very near Flying J.  With this cold weather, there's no way I'm going to Quartzsite without HEAT!!

It was a nice afternoon of rest ... except when Patty and Dan came back.  I unloaded the basement on one side to allow for those two tables purchased for use by the Golden Spike Group.  They have been sliding around all over in my car and needed to be moved.  It was quite a feat to get them in and I'm hoping at some point we can get them back OUT!!  I think Dan was right ... I need a BIGGER rig!!

Today is the BIG day ... a Quilt Show at the Civic Center.  This year we will go early so we can fight with the natives over the beautiful fabrics.  I don't have flea market restraint when it comes to quilting material, nor do I have much room to carry any more.  It's going to be a tug of war today and a test of my organizational packing skills!!


  1. Vyaadka worry about Ms Nancy because Ms Terry tell Nick to send bad bad weather your way for saying "most beautiful shawls I've ever seen". Vyaada know you good at keeping money in pocket because you no send rubles to Vyaadka. Vyaadka like last picture, very pretty picture.

    1. Well since Nick and Terry are out of our sphere of influence for a few months, we can't blame the weather on him any more!! This year it's just COLD in Arizona!!