Thursday, January 7, 2016

Shake, Rattle and Roll!!

Okay, I really hate to blame all our bad weather on ONE person, but it does provide me with a little teasing enjoyment!  At this point however, I take it all back Nick Russell and I apologize for pointing fingers.  After hours of rain resulting in snow all around Palm Springs .... yes, SNOW .... the earthquake you shook us with yesterday morning after my comments, made me a true believer that I better keep quiet!!

Rain, snow, earthquake ... I have no doubt that the locust plaque is soon to follow!!  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.5 coming from the Banning area, an earthquake rocked and rolled my rig early in the morning.  I thought I was just having a dizzy spell, but no ... it was the real thing.
The weather cleared up and it was sunny all morning until the next weather front came in.  It didn't rain too hard until about midnight, then it woke me up time and again as the water pounded my roof.
As much as our crew didn't want to park on the gravel, it's been rather a blessing.  At least the water has a place to go, finally disappearing into the sand.  Indio lake on the other side of our rigs had to be pumped out yesterday, only to refill last night.
At noon, we gathered our supplies and went over to the Chapter Fair.  The Newcomers introduction happens just before, then they can peruse the different clubs, maybe joining one or two.  The main objective however, is to see who has the best candy.  He who has snickers and peanut butter cups usually wins!!
With the Call Of The Wild being the theme this year, elephants, lions and tigers line the walls, all painted by the local Paint Crew group!  
Maybe 15 chapters presented their information, from trips to Mexico and Thousand Trails Camping to the Elks Group and of course US ... we ride steam trains all around the country.  Some of us are even lucky enough to be Engineer of the train!!
Here's some adventurous explorers for you, along with their captured giraffe.  There's plenty of groups to join and lots of nice people to meet, although I'm not sure I want to go to dinner with a giraffe!!  Uncle Sam maybe ...... he was here too!
After a quick dinner at Souplantation with the Chances, the puppies and I crashed on the couch while the rain lulled us to sleep.  Better rain than the loud humming of the generator at the end of our block!!
Our BBQ and business meeting scheduled for last night were cancelled and rescheduled for Friday.  Tonight is Pizza night .... if it rains too much, we will caravan to the pizza parlor and party there.  Today the commercial exhibits open, so I'm sure there will be an afternoon shopping foray.  

Pray for SUN and no more earthquakes .... pretty please Nick???


  1. The snow is beautiful. Glad it's up high.

    1. It IS pretty magnificent, as long as it stays UP THERE!!

  2. Not sure about praying to Nick but I bet he takes bribes. He took the kisses I once offered him. Hershey Kisses, of course--Miss Terry was there too after all.

    1. Ummmmmmm ... I bet he does too!! Candy always does the trick!!

  3. let's see Lotsa rain OK,,,little bit of snow OK,,,
    earthquake in the shaky state COOL
    how would you feel about a salt waterfront farm maybe you want to hang onto that house,,, think beachfront trophy home $$$

    1. You're right!!! Beachfront property ... but really, I hope I'm gone by then!!!