Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Load Up When In Algodones!!

Every year when we go to Algodones, I'm shocked by the number of Dentists, Opticians and the supermarkets of pharmacies.  The internet boasts 120 dentists in this one small town.  Since I retired, I don't have any dental insurance, but I DO put away a little every month, just in case, because I couldn't bring myself to go to one here.  I've heard more bad stories than good and I'm really NOT a fan of pain, nor do I like alcohol enough to get rid of the pain!!
For years I've also heard of people getting their prescriptions filled ... or rather just picking up their meds here ... no prescription required if it's not a narcotic ... but I've never done it myself.  Yesterday was a first!!  On a glorious sunny but cool breezy day, I bit the bullet and purchased my one and only medication, over the counter, in Mexico.  I've taken atenolol (originally prescribed for migraines) for over 30 years, and now they don't want me to stop.

Trouble is, getting in to see my doctor nowadays is just ridiculously hard.  My $4.00 bottle of pills in the U.S. is $3.99 here and I get 10 more, equaling my 90 day supply which we thought was the limit.  While waiting at the counter however, Dan Chance saw a guy with an entire counter full of bottles and asked about the border crossing limits.  HE said they changed it to a one year supply.  Don't take my word for it .... check it out for yourself .... but possibly the limits have been raised ... so I loaded up with another bottle.  Be sure and check the expiration dates though!!
As we walked around looking at all the jewelry and STUFF, this gentleman was playing these flutes, making the most amazing music.  He had some kind of background music playing on a small stereo unit, along with an attached microphone.  I'd sure like to know what they use so I can get one for myself.  I've been playing High Spirit Indian flutes for some time and would love this setup.
Our next stop around 11:00 (to beat the crowds) was the taco shop.  I'm not really sure why there aren't more places like this to eat.  The tacos are amazingly good and CHEAP!!!  We got there just in time ... within 5 minutes, the line was clear down the street.
I got TWO and a bottle of water for $4 ... and I'm pretty sure I could have eaten FOUR!!  One fish and one shrimp.   Between the salsa and the sauce, these are the best tacos I've ever eaten!!  I love this place ... and they have installed a shade cover over the table area.  Make friends with the guys selling jewelry and they will get a table for you.  Be sure to tip them for their service however, even if you don't buy the jewelry.  By the way, there was NO hard sell on the jewelry.
This is the most fascinating place in Algodones.  There are two men here who are amazing artists, using just spray paint cans and paper.  We talked while he painted, adding layer upon layer of different colors.  Then he pulled out a receipt, saying it was for the work he was doing, wadded it up and began to move the paint around with it ... like a brush, only MUCH better.  It was just amazing to see mountains appear out of a blob of purple paint.  He then wadded up another piece of paper, dipped it in some white and green paint and put snow on the mountains.  I'm telling you, this guy is a talented artist!!!
We could have watched him all day, but it was time to hotfoot it across the border for home.  Golden Corral was calling our names!!  Although the line looks long, it took no time at all for us to get through, calling out the number of pill bottles we had.  They seemed totally disinterested as we walked the long cage back to the parking lot.
After dinner at Golden Corral I was so stuffed and miserable, I SWEAR I won't eat that much again.  I just can't eat a lot at one sitting.  When we got home, I walked two times around the entire park, not that it helped much!!  Here's a shot of the distance between rigs here.  It makes for lots of quiet!!
This guy gets the prize for the best "yard" here at the park.  It only requires a blower once in awhile he says!!
The rig washing crew is coming this morning, so I have to get my act together.  They are going to wash and wax both our rigs AND our cars for $120 each, while Patty and I hit the quilt stores.  It's going to be another great day!!!


  1. Been on 50 mg of atenolol. For the past 31 years It's really a no-brainer when you come to think about it, here in the US I paid two dollars for 30 days supply That's 24$pr year
    In Mexico it came out to $15 for one whole year
    So I'm on the end of of the third year of a three years supply
    So the little sneaky bugger that I am my HMO doctor lets me get a 90 day supply through the mail for six dollars so far Im two years ahead of the game
    Yeah there are certain prescriptions Drug like clonipam that you could buy in Mexico without a prescription however you can't take tham across the border??
    So when you do buy ( One year supply ) them they will take them out of the blister pack for you and put them in a little bag put them in your back pocket and you just walk across the border

    1. Smart guy!!! I've never bought anything in blister packs, but that's nice of the Border Guards to help people out!

    2. That was the pharmacist that took tham out of the blister pack so we could Pass through the border gate

    3. Oh I see .... now THAT's a smart pharmacist!!!